A Friday blog…

Writing was there in my darkest times when it was only thing I felt I had control over. Sometimes we feel out of control, whether that’s because things are changing in ours lives, something’s changed that you didn’t expect to or maybe it’s just your anxieties. The only reason we ever worry, panic or stress is when we feel we’ve lost control and are no longing driving our car of life. But that is the key to calming your life…taking back control.

After years of letting panic and anxiety control my life I started to understand how to override it and take back my wheel.

Take this tip-

As soon as you begin to feel out of control whether that is through your mind or your body….





Stop- what is it that is controlling you/ what’s happened today?

Think- Identify the “controller”

Process- can you control the controller?- if so do what needs to be done/ if not the controller needs to be removed

Move on- you can’t worry about what can’t be controlled

5 minutes is all it takes to take back control.

Our mind is so quick at processing things sometimes it misses our concious thoughts and controls us in others way through panic/stress symptoms/anxiety. As soon as you begin to feel different take a moment of reflection and refocus your mind…when you take back control, you can do great things.

I’m taking control this weekend. Who’s with me?

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