Surviving Isolation- continued…

My previous blog states some tips on how we can survive Isolation in the next upcoming weeks, as promised here’s some more tips to keep you calm and happy!

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Tip 6- Stay away from the media

As much as the news and media try to inform us about this situation and how best to deal with it, the media are good at increasing our panic and anxieties. Waking up and listening to the negative news will only lead your mind into worry….no one wants to start their day like this. The less media you interact with in the day, the less this crisis will be on your mind.

Tip 7- Exercise

Exercise is my biggest saviour in times of stress, it releases happy chemicals and makes you feel amazing. By resetting your breathing in exercise it helps to reduce anxious feelings and takes your mind off things for a while. If possible try to exercise outside, the fresh air is exactly what you need. There are plenty of circuit/HIIT workouts online as well as yoga sessions and meditation. Even if you just go for a walk once a day you’ll instantly feel better.

Tip 8- Self care

I don’t know about anyone else but I often find myself punishing myself, working out when I’m too tired, keeping myself busy when all I want to do is nothing. Now we have all this free time its the perfect time to start looking after yourself. Run yourself a bath, have a pamper day, eat junk food or watch Netflix all day. You finally have the time to treat yourself……no stresses!

Tip 9- Keep talking

We’re all in this weird and confusing period of time together and the best way to get through this is by talking. If you’re worried about the future or this isolation is making you feel low, please talk to someone. Drop me a DM on my Instagram @louise.oak for a chat!

So keep positive, keep busy, keep building your little empires and keep happy!

See the source image

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