Some of my favourite things….

I hope everyone is doing well, today I thought we could all do with something positive and completely unrelated to what’s going on at the moment….so I’m going to share with you some of my favourite Instagram accounts and you tube accounts etc that help me to feel good and positive!! So if you’re interested please keep reading….😁

My favourite Instagram account for both positivity and boosting body confidence is- @chessieking

I think it’s important that we use social media for the right reasons, scrolling down your Instagram feed should make you feel amazing, not the opposite. Chessies posts show the unfiltered side of Instagram and the realism of women’s bodies!

Favourite Yoga sessions online- “Yoga with Adriene”

As you know I love yoga, it’s so good for both the mind and the body and hardly takes any time. My favourite you tube channel for Yoga is “Yoga with Adriene”. It’s easy to follow and gives you different sessions depending on your needs. Some are 20 minutes and some are 45 minutes, the time span is completely up to you! She has also uploaded a couple of simple meditation sessions too if you’re new to it all!

My favourite podcast- Frankie Bridge, Open Mind

Sometimes I love a podcast to just take me away from reality for a while and this one is such an easy listen. A different celebrity talks with Frankie each week about their mental health struggles and what gets them through, with completely MH unrelated things too! It’s really light hearted and always worth the listen!

The last book I bought…Ferne Cotton “Calm”

I haven’t actually read this book yet but its on its way to me now! Ferne has published three different books (and I’ve heard they’re good), “Happy”, “Calm” and “Quiet”, I thought “Calm” would suit me best at the moment so that’s the one I went for! They’re only 3 pounds each on Amazon so definitely worth the try. I will try to review once I’ve started to read it!

I hope you find some happiness in these things as much as I do….and I hope you’re all staying happy and healthy. Please feel free to drop me an email at any point- or drop me a Dm on Instagram- @louise.oak ☀️❤️

2 thoughts on “Some of my favourite things….

  1. Hhhh! I love yoga with Adriane, it’s sooo relaxing and calm! And I’ve got all the Fearne Cotton books, it’s a beautiful and motivational collection! I’ve never heard of ‘Chessies’ before! What’s it about, is it good and worth scrolling through?

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