A positive blog you didn’t know you needed😌

Happy Friday everyone. I’d just like to start off by saying thank you so much to every one of you who has read a blog/s. Your support means a lot to me and knowing that these blogs are helping people just makes me feel even more motivated on my bad days too!

I’m not going to lie, I’ve had some bad days this week, I’ve still kept busy and happy but can’t seem to shake off some of the bad thoughts in my head…but I know this is completely normal right now. They like to appear when things in our lives are out of our control.

So I thought to start off a great weekend I could help not just myself but also you guys by writing a blog that’s just full of positivity (hence the title!) Hope you all enjoy….

It really is true^^

I’ve decided today that I need a reset of mind, from negative to positive just in time for the weekend. So as soon as I post this blog I’m going to follow my own advice. Here’s my tips for you (and myself)…..

1- Write down all the positive things that have happened this week-

Even if it’s as simple as you sorted through some draws. We often punish ourselves to do more and be better but forget what we have already achieved, this is a great way of feeling good about yourself and the week that has just passed!

2- Write down 10 things you’re grateful for-

It sounds cringe I know but there’s a reason this technique is used, it works. I often have to step back from my insecurities and realise that I have everything I need in my life, this is a great way of appreciating all the good things you take for granted. This list should help you get up on the bad days!

3- Positive affirmations-

Again, it sounds cringe but they really do work. My biggest fight is with my own body confidence but this is because we often forget to speak to ourselves with respect. We tell others how amazing they are and how great they look but never to ourselves. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you look great, our minds and bodies are phenomenal and we often forget to thank them for all the amazing things they do. Here’s some affirmations to tell yourself today and everyday.

-You are confident and strong

-You are enough and there is only one of you

-Look at how far you’ve come

-You’re doing amazing today!

-My favourite morning affirmation- “Today is going to be a great day”

“You look beautiful today” don’t forget it!

It really is true that there is only ONE OF YOU! We are unique in our own ways and have our own purposes on earth. So look after yourself!🌍

4- Changing the way you think-

It sounds easy but it takes practice. Here’s how it works….next time you have a negative thought, change it to a positive one, no matter how hard it seems.

For example- “Another day in isolation” changed to “Another day closer to everything being normal again”

I hope these tips have helped anyone that needs it, I know I needed it today. So wake up tomorrow, tell yourself “This is going to be an amazing weekend” and try to enjoy the little things without overthinking!

So from me to you guys, Happy Friday. We survived another week!🍾❤️

Dedicated to a special person in my life that always boosts my confidence💞

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