Taking some time out

Happy hump day! Hope you’re all doing okay. Today has been the perfect day for writing and what better time for a little inspiration than in the middle of the week!☀️

I didn’t know what to write about this week and always rely on something I’ve experienced in the week or something I’ve seen….so here’s my inspiration this week!

Taken from Instagram- @ALIHEMSLEY

In this lockdown as you know I’m trying to be as busy as possible which is great but sometimes that’s the problem. I keep seeing things on social media saying “Who are you going to be when you leave lockdown?” “How are you making the most of your free time, are you learning a language, are you getting even fitter?”

But let’s take a step back and realise what’s actually going on…

We’ve stopped working and the world still revolves🌍

We’ve stopped sending emails and the world still goes on⭐️

We’ve stopped rushing around, buying unnecessary things and the world has never looked better🌳

You need to stop feeling pressured by the world and by yourself!

We think we know what stopping is. Going to the pub after work, sleeping in til 10 or going out for lunch. But this isn’t stopping. You are having the opportunity as we speak to really STOP. Focus on your body and your mind for the first time in a long time, whilst having no pressure at all. It’s rare that you will find this time again. You’re ready to rejuvenate, the world is telling you.

Today’s the first day I’ve realised that I haven’t fully stopped yet. It’s the third week of lockdown and although being busy is good for my mind, I’m still putting pressure on myself, to workout everyday, organise things, eat healthy, keep in touch with people and do online courses. But I forget that one of the most important things to do right now is to simply stop.

Although I’m not on the frontline, this period of time is still draining, I’m sleeping less, getting anxious more and worrying about the future. So it’s time for me to recognise this and take a break. Your mind is just as important as your body😌

Now by relaxing I don’t necessarily mean go and binge on Netflix all day (that doesn’t do anyone any good) but really find what relaxes your mind and body.

For me this is-



-Walking or running

-Sunbathing/having a drink in the garden🍷

-Having a bubble bath/pamper


Keep yourself busy and occupied during this time but also allow this time to recharge before life gets crazy again! And don’t feel guilty for doing it. We don’t look after our minds and bodies enough❤️

Thanks for reading! I hope you all have a positive and amazing week and listen to your bodies!😊

2 thoughts on “Taking some time out

  1. That’s incredible – I have literally had to say to myself this morning that there’s nothing to rush to do and no reason to feel guilty about it! And the irony is that I’ve been more productive and less anxious today than the rest of the week 😃 Stay safe & let go of perfectionism ❣️

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