Things I wish I knew when I was younger

I might only be young but there’s been many years in my life so far that I wish I knew what I know now. Not worrying about the opinion of others, not feeling anxious when I don’t need to and not overthinking things so much.

I’ve seen this idea a couple of times in magazines and blog post ideas and thought it would be a good read! So I hope you enjoy!🥰

1). Don’t change for others- It’s hard to take this advice when you’re young and all you want to do it be accepted by others but changing for people never works. The more you change, the more you have to deviate from who you really are and the less happy you’ll be. Don’t follow the crowd, be YOU everyday and let people love you for the person you really are…it’s something you won’t regret. It’s takes time but once you really like who you are, you’ll never feel alone.

2). Say NO- I still struggle with saying “No” now but it’s something I’m improving on. There’s so many times in my life that I’ve participated or done things just to please others because I was scared to upset anyone by saying no. But as you get older you realise what’s important in life, and you can’t do everything for everyone. I sometimes forget that this life is mine and therefore I can control it. You can’t have time for your own well-being if you keep saying “Yes” to things you don’t want to! Take back control of your life❤️

3). Don’t worry about the future, everything works out- Something we should all use in our everyday. There were so many days I worried about things that then turned out to be absolutely fine. Everything worked out. Remember this on those bad days you have now…everything turns out okay in the end!

4). Don’t compare yourself to others- Although it’s still hard not to sometimes, I wish I knew the negative impact that comparing yourself to others really has on you. I spent years jeopardising my own happiness by thinking I should look different or be achieving certain things. I wish I hadn’t now because I’m exactly where I need to be and comparing yourself never works. I’m happy being me and you should be too!

5). You’re amazing and doing great!- It’s upsets me that there’s been so many time’s in my life I didn’t give myself enough credit. We often beat ourselves up for no apparent reason and overthink things until we almost lose our minds. I wish I could tell myself that I was right just the way I was and that I was doing amazing! Are there times you think the same? Remember that, the next time you try to beat yourself up on a bad day. Speak kind words to yourself💞

6). Believe in yourself- I really wish I’d believed in myself more when I was younger. I was always expecting to fail or be judged. I’d stand on the start line of a sprint race and already have lost the battle in my mind by telling myself I couldn’t do it. I often wonder what I would have achieved if I’d just believed in myself.

After writing this I genuinely feel like it’s done something great for me (you should try it and see if you feel the same!) It’s like a reflection task, they always seem to make you think about how you see and treat yourself. It’s made me see that the things I wish I knew back then, I still don’t always do now….sometimes not believing in myself or not saying “No” when I really need to.

It’s something I always seem to do now when making decisions…I wonder if my 10 year old self (so full of hopes and dreams) would be happy with who I am today? It sounds cheesy but I think it works. I sometimes struggled with confidence back then but I liked who I used to be and I like who I am now. Would your younger self be happy with how you treat yourself today? Remember how far you’ve come to get where you are today and be proud of yourself!⭐️

A quote used often in our family- “Be who you needed when you were younger😌”

You are magic!

Thank YOU for reading! Hope you enjoyed this blog…Stay safe, stay happy and I’ll be back with more positive posts soon! Have a great week all💞

(My email is open at all times for advice❣️)

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