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What are these?– They are a package of ideas that we have about something or someone and often lead to assumptions.

To me, these are one of the MOST important parts of what creates the life we lead and I think they play a huge role in mental wellbeing.

As soon as we are born we are exposed to stereotypes. Our families and people around us label us without even releasing. As a child I was quite often the “quiet” one, the one that works hard, the kind one but also the one that worries about everything. So for years I fulfilled this prophecy, I remained pretty quiet, worked hard at school, made sure I was kind to people and also seemed to take on worries, which for years I was happy with. But what I want to know is if I’d never been labelled any of these things…would I have been different?

Now lets take it to a few years on….I’d been diagnosed with OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder). Don’t get me wrong, from knowing this diagnosis it led to the journey of who I am today and led me to receive the right treatment. However, from that day I had made a stamp on my brain.

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‘It’s okay to worry about everything because you have OCD’

‘It’s okay to overthink every situation because you have OCD’

‘Try not to get too upset about these intrusive thoughts, it’s just your OCD’

How will I ever let my mind heal if I already tell it it’s ‘OCD ridden’? The more I label my brain, the more it will fulfil its prophecy, the same as the characteristics we are given at birth.

Now im not saying mental illnesees are created by you because science tells us they are not..but what if I told you you could retrain your mind?🧠

I’ve decided to embark on a mission to retrain my mind…now I know it won’t be easy but I want to try it for all of you who are struggling. I want to see if what therpiats say is actually true.

‘I won’t be a worrier, that’s not me’

‘I don’t have OCD, it was something I once had when I needed some protection’

‘I am not insecure, I am confident’

‘I am not quiet, I am bubbly’

The very place that creates your bad thoughts, is the very place that can diminish them and I think too many people forget that. I believe that whatever is developed can be changed. There are people that have got rid of their OCD and I will try my whole life to be one of those people too.

Never let an experience, a label or a mental illness define who you are. I promise you, you can be whoever you want to be, I believe In you. Retrain you brain to believe who you want to be.❤️

Thanks for reading, keep safe and stay happy!🤩

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