Therapy and speaking out💆🏼‍♀️🗣

Hey guys, welcome back to another blog! Just before we get into this weeks topic, there’s something I wanted to mention….This month is men’s mental health awareness month, something which is so important to me.❤️

We all have a man in our lives that we love dearly and to think they may suffer alone is heartbreaking. Although the stigma surrounding mental health is being broken slowly, there’s still so much to work on when it comes to mens mental health and a lot of men still feel ashamed to open up.

This blog is all about removing the stigma around opening up and not being afraid to seek therapy. We still have a long way to go but eventually we will get there. To all you men, but also ladies, who are sitting in silence and too afraid to ask for help….this ones for you🥰

“I’m too scared for therapy”, “I don’t need therapy, my disorder isn’t bad enough” “I’m strong enough on my own”…..

Reasons to reach out for help if you need it❤️-

1). Speaking out is a strength and not a weakness– To speak out and admit you’re struggling is so brave. Sometimes we shy away and feel that our imperfections are a weakness…but they’re not….they make you YOU! By owning up to what you’re going through…you’re one step closer to happiness❣️

2). A problem shared is a problem halved- It’s so true! You wouldn’t believe the amount of times I’ve sat and worried about things and when I’ve told someone else the worry is instantly taken away. When someone says “I’ve had that too” you feel as if the weight of the world has been taken off your shoulders. Sometimes we need the rational mind of another person to help us see sense🥰The more you speak, the more you realise you’re not alone in this fight. A little pep talk or a bit of advice can go a long way. You don’t even have to tell a loved one your problems…just ask for a bit of extra support. That’s all it takes❤️

3). If you had ongoing headaches you’d go to the doctors– Again, so true! We often see physical and mental health differently when really they’re the same and just as important as each-other. If things aren’t getting better and there’s help available, why would you ignore it? There’s always help available, don’t suffer if you don’t need to🥰

4). Be selfish- It’s important to remember that this journey of life is yours, no one else’s. People will have opinions and disagreements about your choices but you HAVE to do what’s best for you.❤️

5). Stereotypes- There’s a lot of stigma and stereotypes surrounding therapy. Tv can often portray therapy as a negative experience, and for some people it is, but this isn’t always true. Therapy can be tailored to your needs and for a lot of people can really save them. Remember that life’s too short and it’s always worth a try!And If you don’t like it, you don’t have to commit.🥰

Please remember, those who truly care about you will support you, no matter what. Don’t ever be afraid to speak out or ask for help. Why not start the conversation today?❣️

Thanks so much for reading guys. Keep talking, keep positive and keep checking on those special men in your life.🥰

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