How can a single plant save your life?

It sounds extreme I know but for those who are struggling to get out of a dark place, I honestly think this could help you.🌳

So how can a plant help?

I’m not saying this will work for everyone but for the people who are struggling to even get out of bed in a morning, this ones for you🥰. Now, luckily, I don’t suffer with depression however, this year I have experienced periods of time where I feel low and In a dark head space. The one thing which always helps me on these days is getting out of bed and going out….this is step one.

1). Buying your plant will get you out of bed🥰-Once again, it may sound silly but for someone who is so low, to have a reason to get out of bed is vital. Get to the shops and pick your favourite plant…no matter how bad you feel❤️

2). Take your plant home- Now when you’re low, going home can be upsetting, it’s the place you sit and feel rubbish. So on your way home, get a coffee, get out the car and go for a walk, do some more shopping or go and knock on your best friends door. Make a day out of it!🥰Being out the house is the best medicine❣️

3). Find the perfect place for your plant and make sure it has a nice plant pot- Make a nice little place for your plant, brighten up the room you spend most time in. Admire it’s beauty!

4). You now have a reason to get up everyday– everyday, get up and water your plant. Get it out In the sunlight and do the same with yourself🥰Keep hydrated and get out in the morning sun!☀️

5). Day to day, watch your plant grow!- As your plant grows and blossoms…so will you🥰It’s metaphorical I know but each day you will get better and you will grow too!

6). Research how shown that nature increases our wellbeing– It’s true! Studies have shown how just being out in the nature and seeing green can increase our mental health.

Here is my little plant🥰It’s grown so much since I bought it…and so have I👇🏻

Your existence allows another existence to survive and grow. Without you, your plant wouldn’t be alive!

Just like those loved ones in your life. You may not think you are worthy right now…but without you the world would be different. Keep shining, keep smiling and keep growing!🌳 You can look back at your plant and see how far you’ve grown.

So what’s stopping you from buying a plant tomorrow?☀️❤️

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