A happy, positive blog!☺️❤️

As much as I talk about my dark moments and bad days on this blog, I think it’s important to share with you how many good days I have too! I really do have a life I am so grateful for, one filled with love, laughter and support. So after a tough year, I thought I’d enlighten you all with some positivity…because although life can we rubbish at times…it really is a beautiful thing❤️

So here’s some affirmations to live by today and everyday!

1). You are good enough!- As humans we often focus on our flaws and I don’t know about you, but I am my own worst enemy! STOP. Allow yourself the love you deserve. Be kind to yourself, embrace your flaws and remember how incredibly wonderful you are❤️

2). You have survived everyday before now– Remember those days you didn’t think you’d survive. The bad days, the dark moments, the tough journies. You survived them all and you are a warrior. You are standing here today…stand strong and stand proud! Your scars tell a story🌟

3). Things will get better!- Whatever you’re going through right now, whatever demons you are battling with everyday…it will all get better. You will be free of these bad thoughts one day…I promise you. All bad days pass eventually. Keep going!🥰

4). The bad days are the ones that make us who we are- Remember that life is a journey and no journey is without it’s obstacles. The bravest and wiset people are the ones with stories to tell. Remember how far you’ve come🙌🏻

5). You are exactly where you need to be– The only way you’ll find true calmness and serenity is by living for the present moment. Stop worrying about the future or overthinking the past…where you are right now is exactly where you need to be.💗

6). Remember who the hell you are!- Theres so many reasons why we might lose ourselves from time to time. Sometimes we’re hard on ourselves, sometimes we give too much time to others, rather than ourselves and sometimes we just stray from our current path. But always remember who you are. Being you is the easiest thing you can do. People will love you just the way you are, perfections and imperfections!🌟

How to smash each day

We all have bad periods in our life and bad days from time to time but instead of getting caught in a cycle…plan your perfect day tomorrow!

If you’re feeling rubbish today, make sure tomorrow isn’t the same!

1). Get your favourite playlist on- Get up, remember what you’re grateful for and put some upbeat songs on! Start your day right.☺️

2). Change up your hair/makeup– Try a different style today, make yourself feeling amazing! Who said you can’t get glam on a Monday morning? Do it for you!🥰

3). Put on your favourite perfume/aftershave- When you smell great you feel great!

4). Do something for you today!- Be spontaneous, do something you love. Spend some money on yourself, do a workout or spend some time with a loved one🥰

I hope to whoever needed it…that you’re feeling a lot more positive. I know it can be hard to be positive when you’re going through something tough but tomorrow is a new day and I hope you feel a little more hopeful. I thought I’d end today’s blog with a few of my favourite quotes. It’s weird how a few cliche words can really bring on a light bulb moment.🥰💡

Thanks so much for reading guys, keep smiling, keep positive, keep happy and keep being you! Love and good wishes to you all🥰

Have a great week!💗

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