10 ways to get Christmassy in a pandemic🎄❤️

It’s Christmas! My favourite time of year! Honestly I’m obsessed with Christmas, I always have been and always will be. I’m lucky to have had some amazing Christmases in my life but this year is going to be a different one.

We’ve had a rough year as a world and I think we deserve to go out with a bang….so because it might be a little harder to get in the spirit this year, here’s my tips on how to get Christmassy in a pandemic…🙌🏻❤️

1). Write a list– I don’t know about you, but right now I have more time on my hands than ever before. Usually at Christmas time I’d be working, so this year I decided to make a list of all the Christmassy activities I wouldn’t usually have time to do. What festive things have you always wished you had time to do?

2). Watch your favourite Christmas movies- This always gets me in the spirit, whether it’s Home Alone, Elf, Love Actually or The Grinch. Get out the popcorn and have a Christmas movie day🥰

3). Make a gingerbread house– I always love the idea of this, just like in the movies, but I don’t usually have time. This year I spent a whole day making one from scratch…I had a few difficulties😂 but overall it was great!😅 Christmas baking always gets me in the Christmas spirit!🎄

4). Make your own Christmas decorations– You don’t have to be artsy to make decorations, they can be simple and easy. This year I have bought some plain wooden decorations and personalised them as gifts for family members. They’re simple and easy but look great! Homemade gifts are so much more thoughtful!🥰

OR- You can make them from scratch- (it’s so easy)-

Step 1- Use up your old cardboard boxes from deliveries.

Step 2- Draw out the shape of your decoration on the cardboard (I used one of my wooden heart decorations as a stencil).

Step 3- Use your new cut out shape as a stencil to draw the same shape on a piece of paper. Cut this out and glue on top of your cardboard shape, making sure they fit perfectly.

Step 4- Hole punch the top of the decoration and place a ribbon loop through it.

Step 5- Draw out whatever you’d like on the decoration- here’s some of mine below for some inspiration- (they’re not the best but I loved making them🥰)

5). Go to a garden centre- Garden centres are so Christmassy right now and so much safer with being outside! You can get some really cute gifts that you wouldn’t get elsewhere. It’s the best we can do seen as Christmas markets are a no go this year😪🎄❤️

6). Spend more time wrapping- Make your presents a masterpiece this year! Make a day out of it! Put on a Christmas film, grab yourself a hot chocolate and spend the day wrapping presents. Take your time, add some ribbon or make your own tags.🥰

Here are some of mine🥰

7). Go for a Christmas walk- I don’t know about you but when I was younger I use to love looking at all the Christmas lights In my area. You’re never too old for anything at Christmas! Go for a walk with a loved one in the evening and look at all the lights, it’s bound to get you in the spirit.😇

8). Christmas food and drink- Change up what you’re eating and drinking and make it festive! Treat yourself! Get your way though the starbucks Christmas drinks menu or get yourself some festive themed donuts.☕️🌟🎄🍩

9). Send out Christmas cards– Of all the years to send out Christmas cards, this year is the year. It’s been a tough year for everyone and a few nice works in a card can really make someone’s day🥰Make the effort for someone this year.

10). And finally…Chill out! This year has been hard on all us, don’t be stressing about Christmas shopping or what next year will bring. Just relax, look after yourself and remember to have fun! If you can’t have fun at Christmas then when can you? Buy yourself a Christmas present, eat that extra mince pie, spend time with those you love. Let’s make this Christmas one to remember…next year is going to be full of blessings for us all…I know it!🥰❤️

I hope you all enjoyed, MERRY CHRISTMAS ONE AND ALL!❤️

And quickly…..Just a heads up, there will be a giveaway in the new year, so keep an eye out for announcements. Keep happy, keep merry and keep being you!🙌🏻❤️ God bless!

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