The year that changed us forever

I feel weird today, and at first I didn’t know why. I feel a bit drained, physically, mentally and emotionally and I didn’t understand why. But then I realised, we are one day away from surviving a year long pandemic. That’s something to be proud of! It’s been a tough one…but we’ve made it!❤️

So today, I thought I’d write a review of what I have learnt in this crazy, crazy year🥰

1). Allow yourself to feel everything- This is a lesson I will keep with me forever. We live such fast paced lives that we often ignore our emotions. After a breakup, a rubbish day or a negative experience, we might go on a night out and get drunk or do everything to distract ourselves from the way we feel. But eventually the feelings build up and manifest into something else. If you feel sad, allow it, if you feel happy, feel it, if you feel angry, be angry and if you want to cry, just cry. It’s one of the kindest things you can do for yourself.❤️

2). Accept your imperfections- In a way, I feel like I’ve been asleep til now. I thought I knew myself well. But it turns out the best way to really find out who you are, is to be locked in your four walls for months. There’s things I’ve had to accept about myself, things I don’t like. But I’ve worked on these things and I’m happy with my progress. You should never change who you are but you can change the decisons you make, how you react to things and how to speak to yourself and others.

I’ve sat with my thoughts, I’ve sat with my emotions and I have well and truly learnt who I am. I’m not perfect, but I can proudly say after a long time, I like who I am. Loving yourself is the key to true happiness.🔑💗

3). Look after yourself please!!!- I’ve always found it hard to sit and do nothing, I always feel guilty when I’m unproductive…but why should I? This year I have given more time to myself and my well-being than ever before and I feel amazing for it. We put our minds and bodies through so much, whether it’s late night shifts, extreme exercise, nights out, too much work or speaking negatively towards ourselves.

Life’s too short to be drained all the time, start meditating, exercising, have more pamper nights, drink more water and more importantly, start saying no. You don’t always have to say yes to everyone🥰

4). Humans need other humans– If this year has taught the world anything, it’s that, no money, items, or social media remotely compare to time with family, friends and loved ones. From now on, I will be holding everyone a little closer❤️

And…look out for one another. This world can be dark and selfish at times and there’s nothing worse than being alone. Loneliness has been one of the biggest killers this year. Talk to eachother and stay connected. Talking is something I always promote on this blog. No one should be alone and it’s okay not to be okay🌟

5). No mental disorder will ever stop me again- Just when things were really great for me, a pandemic came, and as predicted my anxiety thrived off this and new demons decided to manifest. I had a tough few months, working out what was going on and how I was going to deal with it. But to me another obstacle just means another challenge to overcome.

I can now say, I know my brain too well. I can predict my intrusive thoughts so well, and honestly I feel so mentally strong right now. Whatever you’ve been going through this year, it will get better. I don’t know about you, but after this year, I’m not letting anything stop my happiness🥰

6). Without fear, anxiety cannot thrive- For every anxious thought or feeling I have experienced this year, each one has been fuelled solely on fear. Fear of losing someone, fear of being humiliated, fear of who I am or a fear of the future. The only way I have fought demons this year is by removing fear from the equation.

‘So what if you lose everything?’ You will survive and you will get better. That’s the harsh reality of overcoming anxiety. Another big lesson this year is….only you have the true power to overcome your demons. Be confident, don’t pay attention to those negative voices, without your fear, they will not survive❤️

7). Your inner peace is your only peace- Without inner peace, there is no peace. Be your own anchor in a storm. Know that when there is peace within you, there is always a place to run to. Be at peace with who you are. Be your own safe place.🤍

8). Appreciate everything– It really is true, you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone. From now on, I think the world will be a nicer place. I hope people are kinder, more friendly, more appreciative and less selfish. This year has shown that life is sacred and really can be taken away from us at the click of a finger. Hug more, smile more, say thank you more, say those three words more and appreciate the little things in life.🌳

Life’s too short…do everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more. I mean it💗

This year has been a journey for many people but we’ve survived it together!💜

Although it’s been a tough one, it’s one that has changed us forever. I’ve got to say, after a year of reflection and positive change, I am happy, content and positive for whatever next year brings. I am so grateful for everything in my life and I am so lucky to have remained healthy this year🙌🏻

Thanks to everyone who has supported my blogs this year, your support means everything to me. I’m so excited to bring you all new ideas next year, I really hope next year brings you all some amazing blessings.

Keep being you, keep shining and remember whatever happens, you have survived 2020. Here’s to positive vibes next year. Love to you all and HAPPY NEW YEAR🌟


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Good luck!🥰

3 thoughts on “The year that changed us forever

  1. Louise, this is brilliant. This year has been a strip back to basics for us human beings and made us appreciate what is important. Stuff isnt important but people and love is paramount.

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  2. So true – every word. I’ve learned that while I’m wrapped up in my own problems, waiting for things to be perfect, the world goes on imperfectly regardless and I’ve missed opportunities to make the most of it! Happy New Year and new opportunities ❤️


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