A week without my phone…

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This blog was not planned or intended, but due to my bad luck with technology, this week I’ve been without a phone….and to be honest, it’s been bliss.

Now I’m not going to lie, as much as I’ve began to hate social media, my total screen time on my phone is quite high. So what am I even doing? We’re about to find out.🙌🏻

Here’s what I took from this week….

1). It’s just a habit. How many times a day do you pick up your phone for no reason? You have no intention or reason why you’re unlocking it for but you do it anyway. It’s a habit. I’ve had a phone for 10 years now, my brain is used to typing, searching, scrolling and unlocking, even if there’s nothing I’m looking for. When you take away a habit, you think you’ll miss it, but in reality, it’s not as bad as you think. I’ve been too busy this week to even think about it and to be honest, I’ve been more productive. I worked out, I’ve had about an extra 35 hours this week by not having my phone…CRAZY!

2). I could relax more. I don’t know about you but I find my phone so distracting at times. Whether I’m doing work, doing a workout, in the bath or trying to read…when I hear a notification, that’s it, my mind can be taken elsewhere. Who is it? What if they need me? What if it’s an important email? What if someone is mad at me? For someone with anxiety, my mind goes to the worst places sometimes and even when my phone is off, I feel like I’m missing something. BUT without the choice of even having a phone…I could relax.

3). You’ll make time for the people that matter❤️. It’s true. Although I was without a phone, I found a way to connect to those I really needed to, and that’s always the case. I picked up the house phone to have a conversation or I went on a walk instead. Social media is not always the way to connect with people and if you give up your phone for a week, it’s fine, you’ll find a way to talk to your loved ones.

4). We all need a week on our own. As harsh as it sounds, sometimes we just need a break from the world. Sometimes we get too caught up in making sure everyone else is okay, that we forget about ourselves. Forget about everyone else for a week and have some time to yourself. Leave people on delivered and leave them without a reply, if they really matter, they will understand, I assure you. Give yourself what you deserve.💜

5). Who cares what everyone else is doing- There’s many reasons why I am starting to hate social media, but one of the things is this creation of a “perfect life”. Social media is full of fakery and the more you fill your life with fake things, the less real your life gets. It makes me upset knowing how long a person will spend comparing their life, relationship, body or money to someone on Instagram. The moment you stop comparing yourself to others, the moment your life begins. I now spend less time on social media than ever before and I have got to say, I’m beginning to create a beautiful life, one which I look forward to waking up to everyday. The best moments in life are the ones off screen.🥰

Research has shown that social media has a negative affect on depression, loneliness and anxiety. In fact, it has been found that 45% of adults in the UK feel restless when they are unable to access their social media. We’re creating our own anxieties and obsessions, just think about that for a second…..

Here’s the article for anyone who wants to read further- Bashir, H., & Bhat, S. A. (2017). Effects of social media on mental health🌟: A review. International Journal of Indian Psychology, 4(3), 125-131.

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6). The things you need for good wellbeing, don’t involve a phone– What encourages good wellbeing? Healthy food, exercise, self care, talking to people, being outside, having as little stress in your life as possible. None of the things that we need to keep mentally healthy, involve a screen. Next time you find yourself with your head in the screen for hours on end, get up, get out and step away. It’s amazing how much better you’ll feel.💗

So what have you got to lose? Who’s going to join me in the challenge, will you give up your phone for a week?📱

Thanks for reading guys. It wasn’t the blog I intended on this week but I feel like this week has been a week for learning lessons, and I wanted to share some of those with you. Hope everyone is doing okay, keep smiling, keep being you and keep your head held high!❤️

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