What makes good well-being? 3 key steps

1). Having a purpose– This is something that as a world we are struggling with right now. For some, we can’t work, we can’t do our normal things and so we feel as if we have lost a purpose. But one thing I want you all to know is we all have a purpose on this earth, even when we think we don’t. Some peoples purpose is to be a famous footballer, whilst another’s is to be a charity worker in Africa. But what people forget is….what if your purpose in life is not having a purpose?

It’s okay to just lead a pretty normal life. You don’t need to be make an extravagant status to make a mark on the world. Every human has the same right to be here and the same right to lead a happy life.❤️

2). Reaching set goals– Again, it’s so hard right now to reach goals when we can’t really go anywhere. The most important thing about setting goals is 1). Not setting them too high and 2). Not setting too little. It’s all about balance. My anxieties in life only came about when I failed at reaching my self created “perfectionism”. But I’ve learnt that my goals are far higher than most people and that’s why I constantly feel like I’m failing.

Failure isn’t actually objective, it can’t be measured, it’s just something we create ourselves. Some of my greatest failures, are to others, a greatest achievement. BUT, it’s also important to keep goals there. Without goals we become demotivated and lose our sense of purpose and growth. Keep your goals attainable, you can reach for the stars one step at a time. And don’t beat yourself up when you don’t meet your standards, life is all about trial and error.🔑🙌🏻

3). Reaching your potential in life- When we feel we are working as hard as we can and using our talents to succeed in life, we feel good. But for some people it’s not a case of that, they feel like they don’t have any talents or potential to really grow. This isn’t true. Every single person on this earth has a talent, whether you know it or not, you have one. Some peoples are just more extreme than others. But no talent is better than another. Being a world champion at 100m is just as important as being a good listener. ❤️

If you don’t think you have a talent, it’s probably because you’re unaware of it’s power. It’s like when you fall in love with someone and all of the imperfections and things you’ve hated about yourself your whole life, are things that person loves about you. Don’t hide away your imperfections because to someone else they are your perfections, and one day those “bad bits” might be the ones that make you shine.🌟

It’s short and sweet this week, but I really love this blog. I’m taking some time to really reflect on myself and my life this week. Sometimes we get so caught up in life that we forget to really take a step back and remember who we are. I haven’t been giving enough time to myself lately and I started to lose battles in my head. If you ever get like this, please know it’s okay to take a step back. Switch off your phone, spend some time relaxing and remember how amazing you are❤️

Thanks for reading guys, I’ll be back soon🙌🏻🥰

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