What to remember when your loved one has OCD

I’m using today’s blog as a tool for anyone who’s loved one suffers with OCD. Sometimes the hardest thing is just knowing what to say. From an OCD sufferer myself…here’s my advice❤️

1). Sometimes we are distant– There’s so much going in our minds ALL the time. Some of us may be overthinking or worrying about a scenario, some may be going over patterns in their mind or some may be obsessively counting the calories they had today, whilst at the same time, we’re trying to stop it ALL. So don’t be too upset if we’re a bit distant or lose concentration🥰there’s a lot going on in our little minds🧠

2). Sometimes we overthink situations– Well, a lot of the time! This is something we hate but struggle to shake off sometimes. Our minds tell us things are more serious than they are…they are exaggerated in our heads and we might get upset over things that you might not. It’s doesn’t mean we are any different to you…we just think things a lot more times over🌟

3). You haven’t made me sad- Everyday is a battle and sometimes it gets too much. We might be a little sad or emotional from time to time but it’s nothing you have done…in fact, you just being here is making everything better. We need your support and we appreciate it. I often let my tears out in front on my most loved ones, not because I’m sad, but because it’s a release🙌🏻

4). Its harder for us to forgive ourselves- We feel guilty about everything! Even the littlest thing we might have done, it’s sometimes hard to forgive ourselves. So give us time and help us to understand how to move on❤️

5). We just want to have fun and enjoy life- As much as things are hard sometimes, we just want to lead a happy life, full of love and laughter. Although it’s important that you understand how we may feel or act, just be normal with us. We just want to be as relaxed and care free as we can. 🥰

6). You don’t need to be our therapist– You don’t need to be anything apart from a friend/partner/family member. All we need is your hand to hold and shoulder to cry on…you don’t need to change anything. You don’t have to try and fix us, we just want you to be yourself, then it helps us feel like we can be ourselves too. OCD doesn’t define us or our lives, someone’s we just need an extra hug. There’s no pressure on you at all….Just having you there is enough!❤️

This weeks blog means a lot to me and with it being a very confusing disorder, I hope some of you can really find comfort in this. I like to mention the challenges of having a disorder but just as importantly on love your mind, I like to address peoples support networks too. Sometimes we don’t know how we can support a loved one when all we want to do is take the bad bits away for them. I hope these blogs can appeal to everyone and not just those suffering.🤞🏻🙌🏻

Thanks so much for reading guys and I’ll be back with another blog soon! Keep smiling, keep shining, and most importantly…keep being YOU.🥰

One thought on “What to remember when your loved one has OCD

  1. So true! It’s good to be open about these things – I’ve found life is so much easier when your loved ones know what you’re going through, even if they can’t totally understand it because their minds work in a different way 💗


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