Dancing in the rain- a small message🌈

Life has its up and downs, we all know that…the ups are amazing and the downs aren’t so good. As humans on earth we are always finding out how to make the ups more frequent, and how to make the downs less painful.❤️

I’ve spent a lot of time over the years working out what helps me in my bad times. I’ve had therapy, tried meditation, changed my mindset and spent time learning about myself…but despite all that, I’ve learnt one simple thing….sometimes we have to just wait for the rain to pass.🌈

We are getting so much better in society at helping people, in fact, people don’t suffer half as much as they ever did before. But I’ve learnt over time that sometimes we can’t rush the process. If we stopped a rollercoaster from rolling down the track, it would never have enough momentum to move up.🎢

I’ve began to learn that as much as we can help ourselves, sometimes we just have to wait it out. As hard as it is to stand in the rain, it makes us braver, stronger and more patient. And next time the storm comes again, we will be more prepared. This time you will come with a sturdier umbrella and a better coat. And eventually….no matter how hard the downpour is, you will dance in the rain.💃🏻

I just want you to know that, sometimes it’s okay to not try. You don’t have to find the answer today, or even tomorrow. Sometimes with time, clarity and freedom will come. Learn to be patient and trust the process of life, you are exactly where you need to be right now, and one day, it will all make perfect sense❤️

This little message was something that came to mind when driving this week and I just thought I’d share it with you all. There’s times that I feel the downpour will never end….but eventually it does and it’s these small moments of calm that make life so beautiful. Keep strong, be patient and remember that, this too shall pass.🥰

Thanks so much for reading guys, your rainbow is coming soon💙

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