I answered Google’s top searched mental health questions….

Hey guys, so today I thought I’d try something a little different. I am absolutely no expert, but based on my own experiences, here’s my answers to your top googled questions….💙

1). Does anxiety cause chest pain?- Absolutely! Chest pains are one of the key physical symptoms that I’ve experienced with anxiety and it’s really really common. But remember…you don’t have to be “anxious” or “stressed” to experience them. Physical symptoms often come days after an anxious episode. Our minds try to protect us from stress and worry and therefore these feelings can be released physically instead, and this can happen in the moment or as an aftermath.

2). Does anxiety cause nausea?- Once again, we often don’t realise the physical affect that anxiety can have on us. Don’t underestimate the affect that emotional stress can have on us. Remember that anxiety is actually there as a survival instinct and parts of your body shut down in a danger situation. Digestion slows down and adrenaline increases, often leaving us feeling sick and nauseous.

3). Does anxiety go away?- As a survival instinct…no, because it’s there to protect you. However, as a mental health disorder…there is nothing you can’t beat! There are so many ways in which we can control our anxieties, and with hard work, you can absolutely recover!🥰

4). Does anxiety cause weight loss?- In some cases yes, it depends on all sorts of factors though. Personally, I have experienced this myself, sometimes when anxiety lasts for long periods of time, the last thing you want to do is eat. As I’ve mentioned, high anxiety decreases digestion and supresses appetite, so weight loss is a normal effect of anxiety. No matter how hard it is though…keep eating💜

First of all….remember that the phrase ‘mental health’ is a general term. Your mental health is your health as a whole and this can be either good or bad. This is such a big misconception💙

1). Does mental health count as a disability?-MH disorders can be so debilitating, so in a way, yes. Remember to take extra care of yourself because mental health is just as important as physical health💜

2). Does mental health run in families?- Most of the time yes, disorders can be inherited. But it often takes a trigger for a disorder to develop.

3). Does mental health affect physical health?- As I’ve already mentioned, absolutely. Don’t ever underestimate the stress that bad mental health can have on our body. It’s so draining and you can feel really fatigued on some days. If you need to take a day off today because things are bad in your mind, that’s okay. We need to remember that our mental health is no different to our physical. But, although it can affect you physically, remember that exercise or a walk will still make you feel a lot better❤️

4). Does MH get better?- In life it’s important that we are always looking for ways to improve our mental health. Life can be tough at times so it’s important that we really look after our minds, because if not they can become our enemies. Whatever disorder you have or whatever you are going through, it can always get better. There is so much out there to help you, keep going, you’ve got this🥰

Anyway, that’s enough for one day! Thanks so much for reading, hope you enjoyed today’s blog. Sending positivity to you all….remember no matter how hard things might feel for you right now, I promise you it will get better, no storm lasts forever.❤️

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