I went on a mindfulness walk🌳

For university this week, part of my seminar task was to go on a ‘mindful walk’. My Monday morning did not go to plan this week so I thought, what better time to go for my walk. So I decided to document it for you guys.⭐️


A mindful walk is just a different type of mindfulness, it’s walking whilst being aware of the environment around you and the sensations in your body…what can you hear or feel? It helps to bring us to the present moment, helping to decrease stress and anxiety.


Walk with awareness, notice what your body feels like, just putting one foot in front of the other.💙

Listen to each and every noise. What can you hear? Notice it💙

List what you’re grateful for in nature…say thank you💙


– The first thing I noticed was, noises seemed louder. Noises that I wouldn’t usually notice because I hear them everyday….birds singing, water running. I felt very insignificant, like it was nature in control, not me. Things around me became more HD!

– Not only were noises louder, but sensations felt stronger too. The sun beating down on me and the feeling of the breeze. It’s not that anything is stronger, it’s that you are simply paying attention to them. Things we usually take no notice of❤️

I understand that’s it’s important to carry out mindfulness in daily life, but honestly I find it so hard sometimes. If you’re anything like me, then your mind will wander off to all sorts of places and it’s hard to focus on one thing. But this is why mindfulness is classed as a practice….it takes time, but keep practicing amd you’ll get there!🥰

Focusing on simply putting one foot in front of the other can bring great comfort when you have things on your mind.

Also if you’re like me, you’ll say “I love being out in nature” when really your walks involve your music being on full blast and your mind being elsewhere. Try it this week, just one walk with no music, try being mindful. And don’t just say you’ll do it….actually do it!❤️

Overall, it was a great experience….so just go for it🥰

Thank you so much for reading guys, it was a short and sweet blog this week as I have a lot going on. I’m at a stressful part of my university journey now, but honestly, I will never stop writing for you guys…it’s my therapy. Have a great weekend all💜

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