How to get out of a rut- step by step

Disclaimer– I understand that I am a student who is also furloughed from my job so I have more time than the average person. But this can plan be implemented into a work day or can be carried out on a weekend!

Do you ever just have a few days where you can’t pinpoint what’s wrong, but you don’t feel yourself, you don’t have much motivation, and you just feel a bit stuck? Well you’re in the right place.

I’ve felt like this over the weekend, so I decided that enough is enough today. So here’s my step by step guide to getting out of a rut….

1). Get out of the house and go for a walk– but change your usual route. Being outside can really help to clear your head, but change it up a little today and take a new route, change is good for you❤️

2). Break up your routine (even if it’s just for the day)- my routine has been very productive recently, but we can’t be productive all the time, we need breaks. Today I had a day of working planned, but that’s not what I needed today, I needed a day for me. Eat a different lunch today, do a different kind of workout or go on a long drive to wherever the roads take you.

3). Do something different today– Like I said, why not eat a different diet today? Or try a new hairstyle. You have freedom to do whatever today, remember that. Step out your comfort zone and try something new.💜

4). Set some new goals- Being in a rut often means that things aren’t changing. If you’re not accomplishing what you need to, then change the goal. Maybe make it more attainable or even do the opposite and plan something crazy. You are capable of achieving any dream!

5). Work out the problem– Sometimes we have a crazy week, so busy that we just push our feelings and emotions to one side, but eventually these have to come out. I find it helpful to go on a drive and just talk rubbish to myself. I can guarantee that whatever I was confused about at the start of my journey, I have figured it out by the end.

You could also write things down if that’s helps or talk to someone you love. Sometimes it takes a bit of problem solving to work out how we’re really feeling, but that’s okay.💜

Once you’ve worked out the problem, you can begin to process where to go from there. But also remember, sometimes there isn’t a reason and that’s okay❤️

6). Get off social media today- Don’t get caught up in other peoples lives, it’s all about you today. Be there for yourself and give yourself the time you need. Also don’t look at your camera roll….sometimes when we feel a bit rubbish, it’s easy to look back at good times and think “why can’t I feel like that today”, but don’t. Don’t compare today to any other day💙

7). Remember what makes you amazing– Every single person has a purpose on this earth, remember what yours is, and try to think of all the reasons you are loved. Don’t lose yourself amongst the stresses of life❤️

I hope these few steps can help you leave your rut today. Remember that things take time, but everything will work itself out in the end. Tomorrow is a new day and it’s going to be a beautiful one. Thanks for reading guys💜

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