A little message…🤍

This is not a blog, but just a little Easter message. I’m aware that no matter how much I enjoy myself during a celebration, people’s mental health issues don’t stop. I’ve been there before, and actually celebrations can be made harder.

If you are struggling with an eating disorder this Easter, remember to let go today. You don’t put weight on in one day, and you won’t get fat from eating chocolate. Take back control today and be louder than that voice, enjoy yourself for once!❤️

If you are struggling with depression this Easter, it’s okay that you’re struggling. Don’t get upset if the perfect day doesn’t go as planned, sometimes life has other plans. Continue to be kind to yourself today and don’t slap that fake smile on if you really can’t. Just surround yourself with those you love.😊

If you are lonely this Easter, that’s okay too. I know it’s hard, but take today for yourself. Dance in the kitchen and make yourself a fancy meal, you can be happy on your own too. Remember Easter is all about new beginnings, so focus on the future and how you’re going to smash your goals!🥰

Whoever you are, I pray that today brings you blessings. Forgive yourself and let go today, the best days of your life are yet to come. Happy Easter all!🐥🤍

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