Why I’ve written a bucket list…

Hey all, hope you’re doing well. I thought I’d share with you my recent thoughts on life! Here’s why I’m writing a bucket list….

As things have changed in my life recently and I’m about to start a brand new chapter soon, I’ve began to really think about my future. What I want from it, my hopes and dreams and also thinking about what I’ve achieved so far in my life…I guess lockdown makes us think about these things.❤️

So far, I feel like I’ve had such a blessed life, I’ve traveled, tried new things and fought battles that have made me strong. I’m happy with the life I’ve led so far, but there’s so much more to do!

Now I know bucket lists can be cliche, but honestly, I think they’re such an amazing idea. I believe that every single one of us can achieve what we set out to do, if we really try. Think about that concept for a moment, you can be whoever you want and do whatever you dream of! Also life is too short! We never know when our time is up, what if tomorrow was your last day on earth, what would you do?🌏

I’ve made a promise to myself that from now, I am going to make my way through my list. I’m so lucky to have already ticked things off, but there’s so much more I want to do. And no, it doesn’t have to be a fancy holiday that costs thousands, it could be anything, from watching the sunrise to taking a cooking class. Life’s too short not to try everything.🌅

So basically what I’m trying to say is, don’t wait. Start ticking things off now, because life’s too short! You deserve the most amazing life, one filled with love, laughter and adventure.💜

So who’s joining me on the journey to living life to the fullest? Here’s some ideas for your list-

– Go to New York at Christmas time

– Watch the sunrise on the beach

– Go to a cooking class

– Go to a drive in movie

– Run a marathon

– Try a pottery class

– Go skiing

– Take a midnight drive

– Go on a yoga retreat

– Try veganism for a day

– Take part in charity work

– Change someone’s life

– See the Northern lights

– Go on a safari

– Go strawberry picking

– Go camping

– Attend a festival

Thanks so much for reading guys, I hope this blog inspires you to try to things and step out of your comfort zone!🤍

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