How to have an anxiety free summer!

Hey guys, hope you’re all doing okay and enjoying this beautiful weather…before I start, just a little update on me. I’m feeling amazing right now, and I’m feeling happier than I’ve been in a while. But I just wanted to address that, I didn’t have a day where I suddenly felt good again, it wasn’t a therapist that fixed me….it was simply growth, time and me learning about myself. I just want you to know that whatever you’re going through, there isn’t going to be a defining moment where everything is good again….it’s a process and things take time…one day the good days will start to become more and slowly things will feel okay again🤍….ANYWAY….

Today’s blog is all about how to have a good summer without the anxieties that may come with it. What anxieties I here you say? Summer is the best!!!! Well not for some of us.💛

With summer comes, skimpier clothes and naked bodies, something which is massively triggering for anyone with an eating disorder/ body dismorphia.👙

With summer comes, holidays, gatherings and festivals, something hard for those with social anxiety/ depression.

With summer comes schools holidays and the pressure for mums to “keep the kids busy” and “make their summer exciting”, something mums with anxiety will struggle with.

With summer comes, beer gardens, parties, BBQ’s, something which recovering alcoholics will struggle with.

So now you see how summer can be hard for some people…so how can we deal with this?💛

1). Remember there’s no such thing as a “bikini body”- I just hate that society has created this idea that we have to look a certain way for summer. It’s absolute rubbish and ruins the confidence of so many women at summer time. But honestly, when it comes down to it, no one even cares. I’ve never been on a holiday and been judged for the way I look…honestly everyone cares too much about themselves. We create this story in our minds that everyone is staring at us and judging…but honestly all anyone cares about is what sun lounger they can grab. The thing with holidays, is they are such a special and happy part of life…and for me, the best memories I have. Imagine if that was ruined by me staying in a dress all day because I thought I was too “big” to wear a bikini. Girllll, slap that bikini on, be confident and do nothing but have fun! Life is too short my darling!🤍and just a side note….your body needs periods of relaxation and indulgence!

2). Remember that you don’t have to change your lifestyle just because it’s summer- if you’re not the party animal type and you tend to stay in a lot….you don’t have to change that. Just because everyone else is out, it doesn’t mean you have to be, and it absolutely doesn’t make you boring. Socialising can be hard for some people and let’s be honest, we all need a night in from time to time anyway. Never feel pressure to say no to an invite, and don’t think you have to have planned an almighty summer. It’s just a little warmer, not a new life…we’re all different and you have to do what makes YOU happy, always.

3). Ignore all the summer stereotypes– Can we please step away from the constant “hot girl summer” term. No you don’t have to “glow up” for summer, you don’t HAVE to be single, and you don’t have to be posting hot Instagram selfies everyday. Just be you girl! Do what makes you happy and step away from the pressures of society, because no one will ever live a happy life amounting to societies values.🙌🏻

4). Remember that you don’t have to “let go”- Going on holiday can often mean indulgence, freedom and time away from everything. But use this time wisely. You don’t have to “let go” and undo all your good work….if you’re in recovery from something, keep that going because it’s going to be so worth it. Keep a healthy, happy lifestyle and remember that your well-being comes first.

5). Find other ways to relax– For anyone who suffers with intrusive thoughts/ rumination, the time of year where days off/ holidays often involve lying in the sun and doing absolutely nothing….can be our worst nightmare. Time to think is not what we need! But….get your head stuck in a book, or watch an episode of your favourite show on your phone….keep your mind distracted, because a distracted mind can be a relaxed one too! Don’t let them ugly thoughts creep through.🤍

6). Use the summer to your advantage- Although summer can be hard for some of us in a number of ways….let’s remember the good parts of summer…like the sun! Vitamin D is an amazing mood booster so soak up all the sun you can. The good weather also means there’s more freedom, more things to do out and about. Do something you’ve always wanted, be adventurous this summer…because we all know stepping out of our comfort zones if the biggest cure for anxiety!💛

7). Buy a new summer outfit- whether you feel confident in yourself or not…treat yourself to a killer outfit. One that will make you feel good, confident and one that reminds you that you are perfect just the way you are!

8). Make a summer playlist– we’re all prone to a few sad breakup songs on our playlist, but get them off! It’s summer time. Make a playlist that is good vibes only! One that will instantly boost your mood. Get it on loud, open the windows in your car, and sing your heart out with not a care in the world!

The list could go on, but here’s just a little guide for you guys. Thanks so much for reading..and I hope you all have an amazing summer! But remember it’s just an increase in temperature, you don’t have to change your whole life.🥰

Also, I will be drawing my giveaway next week so please enter for a chance to win! See the love your mind Facebook page.🙌🏻

Love to you all, Lou x

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