How to deal with those “bad days“

Happy Thursday!! It’s blog day…again. There’s been two this week as last weeks was a bit late but life gets in the way sometimes.❤️

Anyway, today’s blog looks at those “bad days”, and you know what I mean by that. Those days that our demons get on top of us, we feel completely out of control, and as stone roses would say….it’s a “stop the world I’m getting off” kind of day. These days are tough and often feel like the hardest fight we’ll go through….but I’m telling you you will get through today, and here’s how.

1). Get out of bed and get ready- I don’t care how long it takes or how hard it feels, get out of bed and get ready as soon as you wake up. Because if you don’t take control of the day straight away…the day will control you. As much as it doesn’t feel like it, getting up and getting ready makes us feel so much better. Laying in bed on our phones or overthinking is only going to make things 10 times worse, and the longer you stay in bed, the harder it will be to get out. Take this first step and then we can think about the second.

2). Eat something- If you’re anything like me, anxiety goes straight to your stomach, and the last thing you want to do is eat. But trust me, your body is a car and you need to refuel to keep driving. Our brains struggle to work properly without food, so grab something to eat and remember it’s only going to make you feel better.

3). Distract yourself– This is always key when trying to ignore those horrible thoughts and irrational brain. Calm your anxiety by taking your mind off your worries. Watch your favourite programme, call a friend or go for a drive and listen to a podcast. It’s good to have time away from the hustle and bustle in our minds. Really try to focus on something other than your worries for a while.

4). Be honest– I think this one is most important. Don’t struggle alone on the bad days, let a loved one know you’re struggling a bit today. You don’t have to explain or go into detail, just let them know you need a little extra love today. Being honest always relieves the load a little. Don’t struggle alone.❤️

5). Exercise– Exercise is my answer to every bad day. Doing something physical takes your mind away from everything, acts as a catharsis for stress, and releases hormones that make us feel good. It doesn’t matter what type of exercise you do or for how long, it’s whatever makes you feel better. Do it for yourself and for your mind.🥰

6). Remember that you will get through this- Remember those days you didn’t think you’d survive, well guess what…you survived them and you will survive this day too. I hope you find hope, peace and happiness so very soon. Keep going because better days are coming. There’s always tomorrow.🙌🏻🤍

Thanks so much for reading today’s blog. It’s a short and sweet one but I really hope it can help someone struggling right now. Keep going, because everything always turns out okay in the end.🙌🏻

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