How to enjoy Christmas without any pressures

For most people Christmas time is good. It’s full of joy, eating lots of food, seeing family, watching TV, socialising with friends and receiving and sending exciting gifts. But for some people Christmas is a hard time.

I try to be really positive on this blog but I feel a massive responsibility to address the struggles that come with Christmas, as well as the good things. I want to help those struggling and bring back some light to at least one person’s Christmas this year.❤️

Anyway, today’s blog is all about how to enjoy Christmas, despite struggling with the pressures it often brings.

1). Stop trying to “Be happy on the day”- I don’t know about anyone else but when you live with anxiety, a massive, exciting event can become stressful. Not because of the organisation but because of the pressures to meet the “ideal” in your head. It HAS to be the perfect day, you HAVE to be happy all day and you HAVE to look your best. STOP trying to make this happen. Once you surrender to what will be, the day will become even better than you imagined. Relax, be excited and remember that Christmas Day doesn’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to be perfect either. If you are feeling a bit anxious or low, that’s okay. If you burnt the turkey or are late to your family gathering, that’s okay too. Let the Christmas period be what it will be and you will have an even better time than you imagined.🥰

2). Don’t do things that make you unhappy because it’s “Christmas”- By this I mean, if seeing certain family members or friends is bad for your mental health, don’t force yourself to see them. Just because it’s Christmas it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put yourself first. Do what’s best for you this Christmas and every other day of the year.

3). Don’t think you have to be recovered in time for Christmas- It sounds silly but honestly the world puts so much pressure on us all around this time of year…New Years resolutions and “what have you achieved this year?” But please don’t pay to attention to any of this. We all go through life at our own pace and recovery is a unique journey for everyone. Don’t ever rush your story, take each day as it comes because you are right where you need to be right now. There are no deadlines.❤️

4). Remember that you don’t have to be “Merry” all the time– If Christmas is a hard time for you, that’s okay. You might be going through a tough time right now, so look after yourself a little more. Don’t feel like you have to be jolly all the time, if you’re struggling, ask for help and remember that it’s okay not to be okay all the time.

5). Don’t stress about presents- Christmas shouldn’t be about gifts. The right people in your life won’t expect extravagant gifts. If it’s stressing you out then take a step back and remember what Christmas is really about.🥰

And that’s all for today guys. Short and sweet. Thanks so much for reading! I really hope this Christmas period is good for you and is filled with joy. All the best, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!❤️

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