How to deal with gaining weight (ED Recovery)

A big part of eating disorder recovery is gaining weight. Gaining weight in recovery is the body’s way of becoming nourished the way it needs to be. Although it’s a great step in recovery, it can be one of the hardest parts for the individual going through it.

I understand this struggle and thought I would give my tips on how to come to terms with and deal with gaining weight🥰-

1). Wear baggy clothes- Definitely don’t cover yourself up forever but for the time you are coming to terms with gaining some weight, wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. Wearing baggy clothes gives you time to feel comfortable with yourself again.

2). Avoid looking in the mirror all the time– As hard as it is, really try to avoid analysing your body for long periods of time. Give yourself the time you need to get used to your new body but in a rational way. Don’t become obsessed with every inch of you, give yourself the time you need to really love your body. By looking in mirrors all day it keeps our brain reminded of all that we’re going through, don’t let your day be consumed by food and weight gain, fill your mind with other happy thoughts🥰

However, one thing I would recommend for eventually using the mirror again are these affirmation stickers👇🏻

Sometimes a little quote is all we need to remind ourselves that we are beautiful and enough. These ones shown above are from etsy, there’s loads of different options on there and all at a great price.❤️

3). Love yourself a little harder- When gaining weight it can test our relationship with ourselves even more. It can become harder to be nice to ourselves at times, but at this time more than any, we need all the self love we can get. Practice being kind to yourself, hug yourself, remind yourself of all the things your body has got you through and remember you are worthy. As well as affirmations and positive self talk, take more time for yourself too. Take things slowly, get more sleep, have more self care evenings and do what makes you happy. Love yourself a little extra through this period of change.🤍

4). Trust the process- Remember to trust the process. Our bodies change everyday for all different reasons. Some days you are bloated, some days you are not. Some days you hold water retention, some days your stretch marks are more visible. Take all of these things into account and accept whatever your body has to go through today. What your body looks like today, isn’t what your body will look like forever. Although our body changes each day, make sure you love it and accept it through each step, each process and each day. Our bodies are very clever and will settle at a weight they feel healthy and happy, till that day comes, love each step.

5). Stop looking at the past and be present It’s really easy to get stuck in the past, but it only ever makes things worse. Whilst going through this process try not to look at photos of yourself from the past. Whatever your weight has been in the past, it doesn’t matter. Be present. Be in the now and remember that every day is different and we are living for today. Be proud of where you are right now, because that’s truly what matters. Being healthy and happy in this very moment is what matters. Your past doesn’t need you anymore…but your future does!🤍

I hope these 5 tips can help at least one person struggling with weight gain right now. I know it’s hard, but it’s all worth it. Remember you are beautiful, amazing and worthy of everything you dream of. Thanks for reading, and keep smiling!🥰

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