Random act of kindness week

Hey guys!! Happy Thursday. Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, I’ve had some time away to recuperate and spend time with friends and family. Anyway I’m back this week with a blog all about “Random act of kindness week”. RAOK week is a week that encourages individuals to carry out an act of kindness, whether that is giving to charity or helping a friend with a project.

I wanted to acknowledge it on my blog page because kindness is such an important thing. By kindness, I don’t mean buying a present for a loved one. Kindness is in the small things, like smiling at a stranger down the street, calling a friend who is struggling, or offering to help someone when they are busy.

These small acts of kindness are the most powerful and we underestimate how important they can be. A small act of kindness may be the only nice thing in a persons day, and you could bring a small glimmer of light into someone’s dark day. Imagine if your small act of kindness this week changed someone’s life. What if we did that every day for the rest of our lives? The world would be a much better place.

So let’s start spreading some joy. Here’s some ways that you can spread the world with kindness this week-

1). Message an old friend- As a world, we’ve been through so much in the past couple of years and unfortunately a lot of people are still struggling, so keeping in touch is more important than ever before. Remember to appreciate the technology we have…we can practically message anyone within seconds. We watch each others Instagram stories yet don’t actually ask how someone is doing. What’s stopping you? Message an old friend and see how they’re doing. It might really make someone’s day (in fact I KNOW it will).❤️

2). Give to charity- Rather than just giving to any charity, spend time this week finding a charity that you would really really like to help. Maybe it’s one you are already aware of that is close to your heart, maybe it’s a small charity you haven’t heard of before, or maybe it’s a friends fundraiser on Facebook. Whatever it is, make sure you feel good about where your money is going…and remember it doesn’t have to be a lot.🥰

3). Compliment someone– I don’t mean force a compliment or make an effort to, but if you think someone looks nice or you like their outfit, tell them!!!! Don’t hold in your kind thoughts, spread them. On a day where I feel rubbish or down in myself, a compliment goes such a long way. But also remember, a compliment doesn’t have to be image related…tell someone they’re doing a great job, let someone know you really appreciate their exsistence or tell someone how far they’ve come.

4). Be kind in the smallest of ways– By this I mean instead of choosing to carry out a grand gesture this week, simply show it in the small ways. Be more patient when driving and let other cars pass first, say a little more when speaking to a shop assistant, make your co worker a coffee even when they haven’t asked, or say hello to the woman you run past on your morning run. However small, it could be powerful and will definitely be noticed.

5). Give your time to someone– It’s not always a grand gesture people need, it’s just time. Have you spent enough time with loved ones this week? Offer your time to someone you love this week, maybe it’s just a little walk or maybe it’s a trip to the cinema. Whatever it is, it will go a long way.❤️

Not only is it important to be kind to others, it’s also extremely important to be kind to yourself. Sometimes we get so caught up in helping others, we forget about ourselves. So here’s my tips on how to be kind to YOU this week too!-

1). Plan something you’ve always wanted to do– Once again, this doesn’t have to be something grand like a holiday abroad…maybe it’s just watching a film you’ve always wanted to see or maybe it’s a gym class you fancy trying out. Do something for you this week that you will enjoy. Bring some self love into your week.❤️

2). Compliment yourself- A lot of people struggle with this one but it’s so important. Instead of being hard on yourself like you always are, love yourself this week. Write down 10 things you love about yourself and try to speak kind words.

3). Forgive yourself- We often forgive other people a lot quicker than we forgive ourselves for things. Stop holding onto all the bad things, and let them go. You deserve peace within yourself. No human is perfect…remember you are doing your best. Be kind.❤️

Thanks so much for reading this weeks blog and remember to be kind!!❤️

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