How to combat that “Sunday anxiety”

Happy Sunday guys!! This weekend has flown yet again, but thank goodness the sun is shining. I wanted to drop in with a quick blog today about Sunday anxiety. Now this is something I seem to hear about more and more often. At first I thought it was just blues about Monday, but honestly Sunday anxiety is a real thing.

Anxiety on a Sunday can happen for a number of reasons. Maybe you’re dreading the work week ahead, maybe you don’t feel organised or maybe you’re anxious about things in your personal life…whatever it is Sunday’s can sometimes magnify all our worries.

This is because work can bring a lot of pressure and stress and it’s like you have to just switch the “relaxing” to “work” switch so quickly. On Sunday you’re one person and on Monday you’re another. It’s hard.

So here’s my tips on how to combat your Sunday anxiety this week.💪🏻

1). Plan something– Now I understand that Sunday is a really good day for self care and relaxation, but if you’re anything like me, your worries and anxieties thrive on those “chill days”. If you find Sunday’s hard, plan something fun as if it was a Saturday. Keep your mind occupied and get yourself out of the house. Maybe swap your chill day to Saturday and make your dinner date or theme park trip a Sunday thing.

2). Exercise– Again, Sunday is seemed to be a chill day, but there’s nothing better for a mind and body reset than a good workout. Have Monday as your rest day (as this creates so much less pressure for the start of the week), and do a fun and uplifting workout on a Sunday!! It will set you up for the week and leave you feeling splendid…you can thank me later for this one!

3). Get organised before the last minute– Getting your bag and lunch ready for work on a Sunday evening can feel like the weekend is over already…so don’t wait until the evening. Get your bag ready and organised Sunday morning and you can forget about it for the rest of the day. That way your evening won’t be interrupted worrying about what you need for work tomorrow.

4). Plan something for the week ahead– I’m not saying spend loads of money and do something extravagant but definitely plan something exciting for the week. This might simply be going out for tea one evening or nipping to the cinema on a Tuesday night. Just have something to look forward to that will take away a bit of work stress mid week. And if you detest Monday’s so badly then plan it for a Monday night! The week will be so much better for it!

5). Practice self care- A lot of stress about work can relate to how we feel about ourselves. Maybe you’re worrying you won’t hit targets at work this week or maybe you’re dreading the one to one meeting you have with your boss on Tuesday. Whatever it is, make sure you feel as confident and fierce as you can for the new week ahead. Practice speaking kindly to yourself, listen to a motivating podcast or maybe do some journaling, whatever makes you feel good about yourself and your abilities!❤️

Also just a side note. We all experience anxiety at times in our lives and a lot of us have lots of anxiety surrounding our work. Work isn’t always fun and monday mornings can be blue, but if you are experiencing severe dread everyday, remember you can always change jobs. Sometimes I think we have all been programmed to believe that everyone hates work, so much that we forget work can be enjoyable and should be as enjoyable as it can be. Never be afraid to leave a job that makes you depressed, low or unhappy. We work for the majority of our lives so make sure your job is good for your soul and your mind. No one finds there dream job overnight but it’s important we keep learning and growing until we find a job that is best fitted to us.🥰

Thanks so much for reading this weeks blog guys. I hope you all have a good Sunday and an amazing week!❤️Also, if you’re going through something right now, you’ve got this. Lately I’ve had to keep reminding myself that I have survived every bad day until now and I will survive every other. Please remember this for yourself. Lots of love and I’ll be back next week.🥰

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