How to thrive this winter

Happy November all! Wow I can’t believe I’m saying that, it feels like summer was just a few days ago, but here we are. For those who follow our Facebook page you’ll know that this month on Love Your Mind I am doing ‘Dark night diaries’. This means there will be much more content coming your way this month as I understand how tough these cold, dark days can be (they’re tough for me too).

Todays blog is following this theme of dark, long days, here are my tips on how to thrive this winter, especially those dark evenings.

1). Exercise- We all know how good exercise is for both our mind and body, but in the winter it’s so much harder to get out the door. Here’s how to stay motivated:

– If you work 9-5, take your kit to work with you and drop by the gym on the way home, (even if it isn’t on the same route). Lets be honest by the time you get home after a long day and its dark outside, all you want to do is get in your cozy’s and wind down for the evening. By going on your way home, you dont have this temptation. Think of it as the last part of your working day.

– If you dont work or work shifts, try to go in daylight hours, this will increase your motivation rather than saving it for the evening.

– Eat before you workout- The biggest excuse for not exercising is hunger. After a long day, if you’re hungry, you just want to get home and get some tea. Try to have a quick afternoon snack at the office, the same goes for if you’re working at home. If you are fueled you will have more energy and will therefore feel more motivated to workout.

2). Stick to a routine- Don’t stop plans because it’s getting dark. If it helps, think about what you would be doing if it was light outside. One thing I’ve been doing this week is clock checking, trying to remind myself that it’s only 6 o clock. What would I usually be doing now? Staying in with your own thoughts all winter can be detrimental to your mental health, keep meeting others, make exciting plans and stick to that exercise routine.

3). Get your nutrients!- It’s normal to want to eat filling and homely food over the winter, which is good, but make sure you’re getting your nutrients too. Vitamin C keeps those nasty colds away and Vitamin D is vital to keep your mood boosted on those dark days. Also make sure you’re getting enough iron, this will keep your energy up on those long, tiring days.

4). Change your perspective- It’s easy to see only the negatives of winter, cold days and dark mornings, but there’s so much beauty! Crisp autumnal mornings, cosy evenings in, in fact, it’s the perfect time to wind down and take a step back from all the hussle and bussle. Summer is always so busy, enjoy this time to stay in, cosy up and take it steady.

5). Have a focus– Towards the end of the year we quite often leave our goals behind, wait until the new year. But why wait? Having a focus is so important for well-being, especially when the nights are cold, dark and boring. Channel your energies elsewhere, keep working towards your goals, keep at your hobby and keep making plans when you can.

To be continued…🍂

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