How to thrive this winter- Part 2

Write down all the things you like about winter- This should include favourite Christmas films/songs, favourite winter activities and small things, like the feeling of getting into your cosy warm bed after a long day. Once you’ve created your list, look at it and try to implement as many of those things as you can in your life for the next month. Remember we are all worthy of living a happy life, do what you love!! What makes your heart sing?❤️

Use positive journaling- It’s important to focus on the good things, even when it’s hard to. I always get quite anxious towards the end of the year, reflecting on the year and thinking what I didn’t achieve. But instead I should be focusing on all the amazing things I HAVE achieved. Write down all good things that have happened this year, even the smallest of things. You won’t realise until this activity how far you’ve actually come!

Don’t compromise your mental health for others- Christmas time is the time of year we see lots of family/friends and people we haven’t seen all year. But please remember, no celebration is worth compromising your mental health for. Say no if you need to, don’t see those who make you feel negative, this time of year should be about peace and happiness, remember that🥰

Wrap up!- The one thing that makes me miserable in winter is being cold, especially when de icing my car before work in a morning. Wherever you go, whatever you’re doing, make sure you always have on that extra layer. It’s better to be too hot than too cold. Plus it will stop you from catching a chill❄️

Get cosy- Make your environment as welcoming and comforting as possible. Inevitably we spend more time inside in winter, make sure your four walls are a place you want to be. Put up some fairy lights or put on some cosy bedding, whatever it is, make it a place you feel at peace❤️

Connect with others- Isolation can leave us feeling quite lonely, make sure you connect with others over the winter time. Even if it’s just a call. Make sure you have a good support network around you🥰

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