Another chapter written

Well it’s that time again, new years eve! What a year 2022 has been, I’ve gone through lots of challenges this year but I can say all in all I’ve had a great year. I’ve grown so much as a person this year, I’ve made some amazing memories and I’ve been reminded lots this year that family and good health really are everything.

I’ve always struggled a bit with new year, I think there’s lots of pressure to ‘change’, make resolutions and reflect on the year. But I’ve had a change of heart this year…

One of the key things that I’ve learned this year and the phrase which I’ve continued to follow is that ‘the higher our expectations are, the more disappointed we will be’. True happiness is found when there are no expectations and unfortunately we live in a world now where social media has led us to have far higher expectations than we’ve ever had before. Our relationships should be ‘happy’ all the time, our faces and hair should always be ‘photo ready’ and we should always have extravagant ‘plans’ for birthdays and celebrations. What about if we let all of these go and just lived one day at a time, with no expectations and no pressure. I’ve tarnished a couple of things this year due to putting so much pressure on them ‘being perfect’. I wish I could go back and do them again, without the pressure and without the expectations.

Another key lesson I’ve learned this year is that the power really is within yourself. I always thought external things would ‘fix me’. and my insecurities. But the truth is the power is within yourself. This year I made the decision to start ‘liking myself’ again.

I try to speak kindly to myself when I don’t want to. Whenever I’m about to use an unhealthy coping strategy I turn it on its head and do the opposite. I nourish my body when the last thing I want to do is eat and I forgive myself for things which I never have done before.

I’ve always tried to strive for perfectionism since being young but the thing I’ve learned this year is that if you strive for perfectionism you will never be happy and you’ll only ever be disappointed… because guess what perfection really doesn’t exist. We will probably never be the person that we want to be, we’ll never look the way that we want, we’ll never be the person we think we should be and we will make mistakes along the way. But the truth is we have to accept that because acceptance is the key to happiness. Accept your weaknesses, accept your strengths, work on the things you want to change and accept you for exactly who you are…because I think you’ll find the things that you don’t like about yourself are the exact things that those around you love the most.

Whoever you are, I hope you accept yourself in this new year, I hope you forgive yourself and hope you begin to start your journey to self love. Because the power is within you, never forget that!

I’ve also learned this year that we can’t single handedly save the world, but what we can do is play a small part in hundreds of peoples lives. Forget trying to change the world on your own, because this will never happen, but make a small difference each day and you will play a part in changing someone’s world.

I hope that to all reading this, you continue to grow and flourish into the person you want to be next year. I hope you find your strengths and begin to love yourself, warts and all. Life really is one crazy journey, but take it for what it is, the highs, the lows, the laughs and the tears. Keep writing your story because who knows what amazing things the next chapter could bring. Love and best wishes to you all.

Louise x

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