Do we have to “find ourselves?”🌍

Now I’m sure we’ve all heard this phrase before, like when an individual goes travelling or takes a year out before university. But what does it mean to “find yourself” and why at the age of 19 do I experience the pressure of this more than ever? To me, by saying we want to “findContinue reading “Do we have to “find ourselves?”🌍”

I gave up social media for a week- has it changed me?

The thing we all can’t live without. Is it generational? Nope, whatever age, as a world we are addicted. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, you name it, there’s a high chance at least one of these platforms play a huge role in your life. Now social media can be a great thing…but it’s also one ofContinue reading “I gave up social media for a week- has it changed me?”

It’s time to be real- My battle with food🍰

I was afraid to open up about this part of my life, but how can I tell you all how important it is to talk if I’m too afraid to open up myself? So I’m taking the challenge….here is my journey of my battle with eating. I hope I can reach out to anyone sufferingContinue reading “It’s time to be real- My battle with food🍰”

Mental health week🧠❤️

For mental health week this week I thought I’d kickstart with a blog about the person behind the laptop…What does mental health mean to me? When we speak about mental health, people often assume it is referring to the negatives, maybe a disorder like depression. But actually ‘mental health’ is the health of your mindContinue reading “Mental health week🧠❤️”