Mental health awareness week (MHAW)- Anxiety✨

Do we still have a caveman brain?🧠 This years MHAW is focusing on anxiety and panic attacks, one of the most common mental disorders in the UK. A lot of charities/influencers are raising awareness of anxiety and showing ways we can overcome it, but I wanted to strip right back to basics and explain…why doContinue reading “Mental health awareness week (MHAW)- Anxiety✨”

How to thrive this winter- Part 2

Write down all the things you like about winter- This should include favourite Christmas films/songs, favourite winter activities and small things, like the feeling of getting into your cosy warm bed after a long day. Once you’ve created your list, look at it and try to implement as many of those things as you canContinue reading “How to thrive this winter- Part 2”

Things that a trip to Paris taught me

Hey guys. It’s been a few weeks since I last posted, I’ve had a lot going on, and as I always teach on this page, during tough times we need to give ourselves more self love. I’ve tried to take the pressure off where I can. But don’t worry, I’ll be back blogging a lotContinue reading “Things that a trip to Paris taught me”

The difference between a panic attack and an anxiety attack

If you suffer with anxiety, you’ve most likely experienced either a panic attack or an anxiety attack, but which one, do you know the difference? For years I’ve suffered with what I thought was panic attacks, and don’t get me wrong, some of the time they are, but for the majority of the time IContinue reading “The difference between a panic attack and an anxiety attack”

Surviving summer with negative body image

Having a bad relationship with your body is hard at the best of times, but in summer, it’s heightened to new levels. I never realised how hard it would be for me in summer until I went on holiday for the first time in 3 years. It’s tough. And it’s a battle you often won’tContinue reading “Surviving summer with negative body image”

Working from home- how to protect your mental health

It’s mental health awareness week (MHAW)!! A week that’s all about raising the awareness we need to reduce stigma and educate those who are unsure of mental illness and what it entails. I have been posting some short blogs over on the Love Your Mind Facebook page so please check those out if you haven’tContinue reading “Working from home- how to protect your mental health”