Dancing in the rain- a small message🌈

Life has its up and downs, we all know that…the ups are amazing and the downs aren’t so good. As humans on earth we are always finding out how to make the ups more frequent, and how to make the downs less painful.❤️ I’ve spent a lot of time over the years working out whatContinue reading “Dancing in the rain- a small message🌈”

The meaning behind “LoveyourMYind” and my new logo❤️

Hey, guys! This is a long awaited blog…I mean it’s been a year since love your mind started out and I’ve only just got a fancy logo! With it being a year anniversary last week, I thought it was the perfect timing for me to explain what this blog means to me…so here we go🥰Continue reading “The meaning behind “LoveyourMYind” and my new logo❤️”

I meditated everyday for a week

To me meditation is one of those things that you know you should do but you always find an excuse not to do it. It’s like when you eat junk food all week but by the time you go to grab a banana, its too late, the damage is done. I seem to find meditationContinue reading “I meditated everyday for a week”

What to remember when your loved one has OCD

I’m using today’s blog as a tool for anyone who’s loved one suffers with OCD. Sometimes the hardest thing is just knowing what to say. From an OCD sufferer myself…here’s my advice❤️ 1). Sometimes we are distant– There’s so much going in our minds ALL the time. Some of us may be overthinking or worryingContinue reading “What to remember when your loved one has OCD”

What makes good well-being? 3 key steps

1). Having a purpose– This is something that as a world we are struggling with right now. For some, we can’t work, we can’t do our normal things and so we feel as if we have lost a purpose. But one thing I want you all to know is we all have a purpose onContinue reading “What makes good well-being? 3 key steps”

“I can’t do this anymore”

To the one who is crying on the floor, sat next to the radiator. I’ve been there. When life gets too much and you don’t think you can carry on…you know what I mean. This ones for you. 1). Nothing has changed– I know you don’t believe in yourself, you’ve lost your confidence and youContinue reading ““I can’t do this anymore””

The year that changed us forever

I feel weird today, and at first I didn’t know why. I feel a bit drained, physically, mentally and emotionally and I didn’t understand why. But then I realised, we are one day away from surviving a year long pandemic. That’s something to be proud of! It’s been a tough one…but we’ve made it!❤️ SoContinue reading “The year that changed us forever”

My first year as a blogger🙌🏻💡🌟💓

Merry Christmas everyone! It’s 3 days till Christmas…how exciting❤️. To celebrate this festive period, I thought I’d review my first year as a blogger! Now technically, I started this blog in February/March time so it hasn’t been a full year yet, however, its nearly the end of the year so its perfect timing. First ofContinue reading “My first year as a blogger🙌🏻💡🌟💓”

10 ways to get Christmassy in a pandemic🎄❤️

It’s Christmas! My favourite time of year! Honestly I’m obsessed with Christmas, I always have been and always will be. I’m lucky to have had some amazing Christmases in my life but this year is going to be a different one. We’ve had a rough year as a world and I think we deserve toContinue reading “10 ways to get Christmassy in a pandemic🎄❤️”