The year that changed us forever

I feel weird today, and at first I didn’t know why. I feel a bit drained, physically, mentally and emotionally and I didn’t understand why. But then I realised, we are one day away from surviving a year long pandemic. That’s something to be proud of! It’s been a tough one…but we’ve made it!❤️ SoContinue reading “The year that changed us forever”

My first year as a blogger🙌🏻💡🌟💓

Merry Christmas everyone! It’s 3 days till Christmas…how exciting❤️. To celebrate this festive period, I thought I’d review my first year as a blogger! Now technically, I started this blog in February/March time so it hasn’t been a full year yet, however, its nearly the end of the year so its perfect timing. First ofContinue reading “My first year as a blogger🙌🏻💡🌟💓”

10 ways to get Christmassy in a pandemic🎄❤️

It’s Christmas! My favourite time of year! Honestly I’m obsessed with Christmas, I always have been and always will be. I’m lucky to have had some amazing Christmases in my life but this year is going to be a different one. We’ve had a rough year as a world and I think we deserve toContinue reading “10 ways to get Christmassy in a pandemic🎄❤️”

How can a single plant save your life?

It sounds extreme I know but for those who are struggling to get out of a dark place, I honestly think this could help you.🌳 So how can a plant help? I’m not saying this will work for everyone but for the people who are struggling to even get out of bed in a morning,Continue reading “How can a single plant save your life?”

Therapy and speaking out💆🏼‍♀️🗣

Hey guys, welcome back to another blog! Just before we get into this weeks topic, there’s something I wanted to mention….This month is men’s mental health awareness month, something which is so important to me.❤️ We all have a man in our lives that we love dearly and to think they may suffer alone isContinue reading “Therapy and speaking out💆🏼‍♀️🗣”

My 8 year battle with OCD- raising awareness❤️

Of the few mental struggles I’ve dealt with in my past, OCD is by far the scariest and the hardest. Obsessive compulsive disorder is one of the most debilitating disorders out there and tries to take away every single thing that’s good in your life. I’ve briefly spoken in previous blogs about my battle butContinue reading “My 8 year battle with OCD- raising awareness❤️”

An update after a break from writing…💛

Hey all! I’ve been quiet recently…I think we all need breaks from things in life, even the things that make us happy. I haven’t felt like writing recently, so I haven’t. That’s my approach to life. What works for you today might be different to what works for you tomorrow. Anyway…I hope you’re all well.Continue reading “An update after a break from writing…💛”