Do we have to “find ourselves?”🌍

Now I’m sure we’ve all heard this phrase before, like when an individual goes travelling or takes a year out before university. But what does it mean to “find yourself” and why at the age of 19 do I experience the pressure of this more than ever? To me, by saying we want to “findContinue reading “Do we have to “find ourselves?”🌍”

I gave up social media for a week- has it changed me?

The thing we all can’t live without. Is it generational? Nope, whatever age, as a world we are addicted. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, you name it, there’s a high chance at least one of these platforms play a huge role in your life. Now social media can be a great thing…but it’s also one ofContinue reading “I gave up social media for a week- has it changed me?”

It’s time to be real- My battle with food🍰

I was afraid to open up about this part of my life, but how can I tell you all how important it is to talk if I’m too afraid to open up myself? So I’m taking the challenge….here is my journey of my battle with eating. I hope I can reach out to anyone sufferingContinue reading “It’s time to be real- My battle with food🍰”

Mental health week🧠❤️

For mental health week this week I thought I’d kickstart with a blog about the person behind the laptop…What does mental health mean to me? When we speak about mental health, people often assume it is referring to the negatives, maybe a disorder like depression. But actually ‘mental health’ is the health of your mindContinue reading “Mental health week🧠❤️”

Misconceptions of anxiety disorders- clearing them up

I’m so happy that over the past few years the stigma attached to mental health disorders has massively changed. People aren’t afraid to speak out anymore and when we start to open up, good changes happen. Now, personally I think stigmas exist due to lack of knowledge, people being unaware about what these disorders entailContinue reading “Misconceptions of anxiety disorders- clearing them up”