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Physical fitness is just as important as mental fitness. Vikki’s Fitness offers a range of classes for all ages and fitness levels in the S25 & S26 areas of Sheffield, UK. For more details call Vikki on 07811 522780.

I’d like to thank Vikki’s Fitness for sponsoring this site.

Vikki’s Older Active People

Targeted at people over 55, these classes are a balanced workout, taking into consideration fitness levels of older people, and the niggles and issues that we pick up over the years. These classes are attended by people in their 60’s, 70’s, 80’s & 90’s. We aim to gradually build fitness levels in order for you to live a enjoyable and active life.

General Fitness Classes

These classes are aimed to build fitness levels in adults of all ages. Classes are designed to encompass all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced and all stages in between. Exercises can be tailored to account for those who find certain movements difficult, so don’t worry if an old injury causes you problems, you won’t feel excluded.

Physical and Zoom Classes

Classes are held in various locations. Currently all of these are located in the S25 & S26 areas of Sheffield, but if you have a desire to have classes near you, speak to Vikki about the possibility.

In addition, online classes are held on Zoom. This means that you don’t have to miss your workout if circumstances mean that you can’t get to a physical class

Vikki is a miracle worker. When I started her class I hoped that she would slow the signs of ageing. I never expected for a minute that my fitness would improve…not at my age!

Jackie Scott MBE

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