The truth about living with anxiety disorders

It’s time to be honest!

As much as we can sugarcoat anxiety as something that happens to everyone (a normal human function)…I think we sometimes forget the severity of anxiety that some people live with.

As someone who is often drowned by its power, I’m here to tell you the truth.

Its exhausting, mentally, physically and emotionally.

I love to express my passion for creating a positive life and having a glass half full is, in my eyes, the best way to live. However, I’m sat here tonight having endured a day of obsessive thoughts, a tight chest and the feeling that I will fall apart at any moment. That’s the thing, we can change our perspective, have positive days, have happy days but when you live with this day in day out, some days it’s just all too much. That’s me today.

I guess what I’m trying to say is as much as we can control things in our life, sometimes we just have to say enough is enough…and accept that its okay to have a bad day.

Anxiety disorders come in all different types-

Panic disorder

General anxiety disorder



Eating disorders


Each one debilitating, draining and hard to control. All I can explain it as is your mind being in complete overdrive all day. Imagine having to complete a day at work but whilst holding back a panic attack or using all your energies to deter the constant intrusive thoughts in your mind. There’s so many moments in my life I’ve been physically present but not mentally…sitting down for a meal whilst calculating each and every calorie, overanalysing every word someone says to you or holding back the panicky feeling that the world is about the fall around you.

Sometimes I wish I was different. What would life be like without worrying all the time or feeling panicky when I don’t even have anything on my mind?

BUT here’s where the glass becomes half full- (I think) From anxiety disorders become-

An understanding of others

Always wanting the best outcome

Always working hard until things are just perfect (although being a perfectionist is exhausting)

Taking others feelings into account

From all my bad days have come this amazing ability to not only know my mind and it’s weird mechanisms but to also learn to have almost complete control over my mind. It’s one of the greatest powers you can have!

From anxiety comes the ability to predict my behaviour before it happens and therefore keep control of my disorder. Control is power and it comes from experience.

Without having anxiety disorders I wouldn’t have explored my mind in all its entireties and I wouldn’t be the person I am today…I wouldn’t be writing these blogs right now and I certainly wouldn’t have the control over my mind that I now do. With control comes power and with that comes happiness.

Whatever you’re suffering with, know that the bad days pass and only make your mind stronger. Own your disorders, they make you YOU.❤️

Please remember our mind is there to be controlled and not there to control us! Take control and live the life you’ve always wanted. If not today, make it TOMORROW!

Thanks for reading guys- please know that my email is open all day everyday for anyone about anything! Stay safe, happy and have a great week🙌🏻

2 thoughts on “The truth about living with anxiety disorders

  1. I feel your pain on days like this ☺️ Someone told me once that another positive thing about living with anxiety is that you appreciate everything you achieve so much more than most people, because you’ve had to fight harder to get there 💓

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