How to cope with our new lives…again

I love communicating with people around me and I love to talk to my readers about what they enjoy reading….and one thing that keeps popping up in conversations recently is people’s fears of leaving lockdown again….so in today’s blog I ask….how do we cope with our worlds changing all over again?

1). Take a step back– As excited as we all are to get back out there, we have to remember that this change is quite dramatic. We have gone from a million miles an hour lives to 0, so we can’t get back to it all straight away. As much as you don’t think it, getting back to life will be a hard adjustment for some of us and it’s something we should remember to take one step at a time. Get back to the gym and see a couple of friends this week, but don’t see them all at once. There is no rush to get back to our old lives so give yourself a break and take it one step at a time.

2). Say no- This leads on nicely from my previous point…remember you can still say no. Just because you haven’t seen anyone for a year it doesn’t mean you have to go out drinking 7 days a week now. We are still entitled to self care nights, a night in and a day off to be at home….people will understand. Look after yourself first and take each day as it comes.

3). Be open about how you feel- If you’re suffering from a new found social anxiety, don’t be afraid of it, most of us are feeling the exact same. Be open about how you feel because the chances are, your friends feel the same too. A problem shared is always a problem halved, don’t hide away!

4). Remember that your confidence will come back naturally– A lot of people are suffering low confidence levels right now, no matter how confident they were before. This is completely normal! But don’t worry too much, as soon as you’re back with those you love, socialising and finding your feet again, your spark and confidence will spring back. Let’s just take each day as it comes for now!❤️

5). Think about how far you’ve come- I don’t know about you, but I’ve dealt with some huge demons in lockdown and I’ve learnt a lot about myself. I can’t believe how much I’ve grown as a person. Whether lockdown has been good or bad for you, we’ve all survived and that’s a massive deal. This may have been the hardest time in our lives….so look at how far you’ve come and look forward to the future ahead!🥰

6). Be extra kind to yourself– We’ve been through a LOT this past year or so, so be kind to yourself! When life gets busy we can often put others before ourselves, but don’t let that happen this time. Remember to look after YOU first, that’s so important. Love yourself a little extra and remember, NO YOU DIDNT HAVE TO LOSE WEIGHT IN LOCKDOWN, and YOU CERTAINLY DONT HAVE TO HAVE CHANGED THE WORLD. So what if you spent the last 8 months in your Pyjamas and put on weight? Most of us did. Don’t beat yourself up, you are perfect just the way you are❤️

7). Don’t overthink- As hard as it is to say that, try not to. Life is so short and as this past many months have shown us…tomorrow is not guaranteed, so laugh, love and remember who you are! Grab happiness as much as you can🙌🏻

8). Accept that it will feel weird- Maybe your relationship started in lockdown and all you’ve known is a lockdown relationship….it’s hard and it’s very different but don’t be afraid by change. The right partner will support you in this change and you will adapt to your new life/ relationship dynamic again. OR maybe your baby has only known lockdown…don’t worry, you will both adapt to it, day by day….it will all be okay again soon, I promise🥰

Thanks so much for reading guys. In the next few weeks I have some big blogs coming up so please look out for those. I will also be uploading more frequently and cannot wait to get creative! Sending blessings to you all. Happy bank holiday!❤️

Dealing with student stress

Whether you have studied GSCE’s, A levels, a degree or an apprenticeship, you will have experienced stress at some point. With it being my final 2 weeks in the education system, I thought I would share the tips I have learned over the years on how to deal with stress as a student!👩🏽‍🎓

1). Start your work early- Whether it’s revision or an assignment, get ahead of the game, even if it’s just a plan. By getting ahead you leave plenty of time for mistakes and meltdowns to happen. This also leaves you the opportunity to work “little and often”. This always works for me, by doing a little bit each day, you have time to relax inbetween, whilst knowing you have plenty of time. Cramming in last minute work, never works out!

2). Make sure you have a good support network around you- Studying for exams or writing a dissertation can be very draining and this can make us feel rubbish! So make sure you have good support around you, someone to give you a hug, offer advice and make you the odd cup of tea!

3). Have back ups- Technology and memory sticks are what have caused the majority of my stress over the years. Whether you think you’re safe or not, things can always fail! So always email your work to yourself when you’ve updated it, that way you ALWAYS have a backup.

4). Remember it’s not the end of the world- Over the years I’ve learned that as much as you don’t think it, things will always work out in the end. In fact, whatever you are stressing over now will probably have no significance in 5 years. Since finishing my A levels 3 years ago, no one have ever asked to see my grades, and I thought they would define me!! If you have a dream, there will always be a way to reach it, whether you have grade A’s or not. Don’t let it make you ill.❤️

5). Take a break!- At the time you think a break will be the end of the world and that one break will be detrimental, but it won’t! Breaks do you a lot of good actually, they help you to come back with a fresh mindset and your work will always turn out better!

6). Remember why you started– There’s a reason we work hard in education, and that’s to reach our goals, to get a good job and to be happy. Don’t let the stress of things make you forget why you’re here. Remember it will all be worth it in the end, this stress is only temporary!

7). Make sure there’s a reward at the end of it all- It’s important that you look after yourself and when you’ve worked so hard on something it’s important that you reward yourself! Plus this keeps you motivated throughout your work. Buy a new pair of trainers, book a weekend away or just book a big night out! Make sure to celebrate!🥂

8). Keep your workspace tidy- Tidy desk, tidy mind…it’s so true!

9). Take advantage of the support you are being offered- Whether it’s a teacher or a lecturer, they are paid to teach you, so ask them all the questions in the world! Go to free sessions and ask for support if you need it!🥰

10). What’s the worst that can happen?– it really isn’t life or death, there is always a way round things. If you fail, you can resist and it you need an extension just ask for one! Where there’s a will there’s a way people.

I hope these tips help anyone who is struggling with student stress right now. I promise you it will all be worth it in the end. You’ve got this and I believe in you! If you can dream it you can achieve it! Now go make a cuppa💙

Why I’ve written a bucket list…

Hey all, hope you’re doing well. I thought I’d share with you my recent thoughts on life! Here’s why I’m writing a bucket list….

As things have changed in my life recently and I’m about to start a brand new chapter soon, I’ve began to really think about my future. What I want from it, my hopes and dreams and also thinking about what I’ve achieved so far in my life…I guess lockdown makes us think about these things.❤️

So far, I feel like I’ve had such a blessed life, I’ve traveled, tried new things and fought battles that have made me strong. I’m happy with the life I’ve led so far, but there’s so much more to do!

Now I know bucket lists can be cliche, but honestly, I think they’re such an amazing idea. I believe that every single one of us can achieve what we set out to do, if we really try. Think about that concept for a moment, you can be whoever you want and do whatever you dream of! Also life is too short! We never know when our time is up, what if tomorrow was your last day on earth, what would you do?🌏

I’ve made a promise to myself that from now, I am going to make my way through my list. I’m so lucky to have already ticked things off, but there’s so much more I want to do. And no, it doesn’t have to be a fancy holiday that costs thousands, it could be anything, from watching the sunrise to taking a cooking class. Life’s too short not to try everything.🌅

So basically what I’m trying to say is, don’t wait. Start ticking things off now, because life’s too short! You deserve the most amazing life, one filled with love, laughter and adventure.💜

So who’s joining me on the journey to living life to the fullest? Here’s some ideas for your list-

– Go to New York at Christmas time

– Watch the sunrise on the beach

– Go to a cooking class

– Go to a drive in movie

– Run a marathon

– Try a pottery class

– Go skiing

– Take a midnight drive

– Go on a yoga retreat

– Try veganism for a day

– Take part in charity work

– Change someone’s life

– See the Northern lights

– Go on a safari

– Go strawberry picking

– Go camping

– Attend a festival

Thanks so much for reading guys, I hope this blog inspires you to try to things and step out of your comfort zone!🤍

A little message…🤍

This is not a blog, but just a little Easter message. I’m aware that no matter how much I enjoy myself during a celebration, people’s mental health issues don’t stop. I’ve been there before, and actually celebrations can be made harder.

If you are struggling with an eating disorder this Easter, remember to let go today. You don’t put weight on in one day, and you won’t get fat from eating chocolate. Take back control today and be louder than that voice, enjoy yourself for once!❤️

If you are struggling with depression this Easter, it’s okay that you’re struggling. Don’t get upset if the perfect day doesn’t go as planned, sometimes life has other plans. Continue to be kind to yourself today and don’t slap that fake smile on if you really can’t. Just surround yourself with those you love.😊

If you are lonely this Easter, that’s okay too. I know it’s hard, but take today for yourself. Dance in the kitchen and make yourself a fancy meal, you can be happy on your own too. Remember Easter is all about new beginnings, so focus on the future and how you’re going to smash your goals!🥰

Whoever you are, I pray that today brings you blessings. Forgive yourself and let go today, the best days of your life are yet to come. Happy Easter all!🐥🤍

How to get out of a rut- step by step

Disclaimer– I understand that I am a student who is also furloughed from my job so I have more time than the average person. But this can plan be implemented into a work day or can be carried out on a weekend!

Do you ever just have a few days where you can’t pinpoint what’s wrong, but you don’t feel yourself, you don’t have much motivation, and you just feel a bit stuck? Well you’re in the right place.

I’ve felt like this over the weekend, so I decided that enough is enough today. So here’s my step by step guide to getting out of a rut….

1). Get out of the house and go for a walk– but change your usual route. Being outside can really help to clear your head, but change it up a little today and take a new route, change is good for you❤️

2). Break up your routine (even if it’s just for the day)- my routine has been very productive recently, but we can’t be productive all the time, we need breaks. Today I had a day of working planned, but that’s not what I needed today, I needed a day for me. Eat a different lunch today, do a different kind of workout or go on a long drive to wherever the roads take you.

3). Do something different today– Like I said, why not eat a different diet today? Or try a new hairstyle. You have freedom to do whatever today, remember that. Step out your comfort zone and try something new.💜

4). Set some new goals- Being in a rut often means that things aren’t changing. If you’re not accomplishing what you need to, then change the goal. Maybe make it more attainable or even do the opposite and plan something crazy. You are capable of achieving any dream!

5). Work out the problem– Sometimes we have a crazy week, so busy that we just push our feelings and emotions to one side, but eventually these have to come out. I find it helpful to go on a drive and just talk rubbish to myself. I can guarantee that whatever I was confused about at the start of my journey, I have figured it out by the end.

You could also write things down if that’s helps or talk to someone you love. Sometimes it takes a bit of problem solving to work out how we’re really feeling, but that’s okay.💜

Once you’ve worked out the problem, you can begin to process where to go from there. But also remember, sometimes there isn’t a reason and that’s okay❤️

6). Get off social media today- Don’t get caught up in other peoples lives, it’s all about you today. Be there for yourself and give yourself the time you need. Also don’t look at your camera roll….sometimes when we feel a bit rubbish, it’s easy to look back at good times and think “why can’t I feel like that today”, but don’t. Don’t compare today to any other day💙

7). Remember what makes you amazing– Every single person has a purpose on this earth, remember what yours is, and try to think of all the reasons you are loved. Don’t lose yourself amongst the stresses of life❤️

I hope these few steps can help you leave your rut today. Remember that things take time, but everything will work itself out in the end. Tomorrow is a new day and it’s going to be a beautiful one. Thanks for reading guys💜

I went on a mindfulness walk🌳

For university this week, part of my seminar task was to go on a ‘mindful walk’. My Monday morning did not go to plan this week so I thought, what better time to go for my walk. So I decided to document it for you guys.⭐️


A mindful walk is just a different type of mindfulness, it’s walking whilst being aware of the environment around you and the sensations in your body…what can you hear or feel? It helps to bring us to the present moment, helping to decrease stress and anxiety.


Walk with awareness, notice what your body feels like, just putting one foot in front of the other.💙

Listen to each and every noise. What can you hear? Notice it💙

List what you’re grateful for in nature…say thank you💙


– The first thing I noticed was, noises seemed louder. Noises that I wouldn’t usually notice because I hear them everyday….birds singing, water running. I felt very insignificant, like it was nature in control, not me. Things around me became more HD!

– Not only were noises louder, but sensations felt stronger too. The sun beating down on me and the feeling of the breeze. It’s not that anything is stronger, it’s that you are simply paying attention to them. Things we usually take no notice of❤️

I understand that’s it’s important to carry out mindfulness in daily life, but honestly I find it so hard sometimes. If you’re anything like me, then your mind will wander off to all sorts of places and it’s hard to focus on one thing. But this is why mindfulness is classed as a practice….it takes time, but keep practicing amd you’ll get there!🥰

Focusing on simply putting one foot in front of the other can bring great comfort when you have things on your mind.

Also if you’re like me, you’ll say “I love being out in nature” when really your walks involve your music being on full blast and your mind being elsewhere. Try it this week, just one walk with no music, try being mindful. And don’t just say you’ll do it….actually do it!❤️

Overall, it was a great experience….so just go for it🥰

Thank you so much for reading guys, it was a short and sweet blog this week as I have a lot going on. I’m at a stressful part of my university journey now, but honestly, I will never stop writing for you guys…it’s my therapy. Have a great weekend all💜

I answered Google’s top searched mental health questions….

Hey guys, so today I thought I’d try something a little different. I am absolutely no expert, but based on my own experiences, here’s my answers to your top googled questions….💙

1). Does anxiety cause chest pain?- Absolutely! Chest pains are one of the key physical symptoms that I’ve experienced with anxiety and it’s really really common. But remember…you don’t have to be “anxious” or “stressed” to experience them. Physical symptoms often come days after an anxious episode. Our minds try to protect us from stress and worry and therefore these feelings can be released physically instead, and this can happen in the moment or as an aftermath.

2). Does anxiety cause nausea?- Once again, we often don’t realise the physical affect that anxiety can have on us. Don’t underestimate the affect that emotional stress can have on us. Remember that anxiety is actually there as a survival instinct and parts of your body shut down in a danger situation. Digestion slows down and adrenaline increases, often leaving us feeling sick and nauseous.

3). Does anxiety go away?- As a survival instinct…no, because it’s there to protect you. However, as a mental health disorder…there is nothing you can’t beat! There are so many ways in which we can control our anxieties, and with hard work, you can absolutely recover!🥰

4). Does anxiety cause weight loss?- In some cases yes, it depends on all sorts of factors though. Personally, I have experienced this myself, sometimes when anxiety lasts for long periods of time, the last thing you want to do is eat. As I’ve mentioned, high anxiety decreases digestion and supresses appetite, so weight loss is a normal effect of anxiety. No matter how hard it is though…keep eating💜

First of all….remember that the phrase ‘mental health’ is a general term. Your mental health is your health as a whole and this can be either good or bad. This is such a big misconception💙

1). Does mental health count as a disability?-MH disorders can be so debilitating, so in a way, yes. Remember to take extra care of yourself because mental health is just as important as physical health💜

2). Does mental health run in families?- Most of the time yes, disorders can be inherited. But it often takes a trigger for a disorder to develop.

3). Does mental health affect physical health?- As I’ve already mentioned, absolutely. Don’t ever underestimate the stress that bad mental health can have on our body. It’s so draining and you can feel really fatigued on some days. If you need to take a day off today because things are bad in your mind, that’s okay. We need to remember that our mental health is no different to our physical. But, although it can affect you physically, remember that exercise or a walk will still make you feel a lot better❤️

4). Does MH get better?- In life it’s important that we are always looking for ways to improve our mental health. Life can be tough at times so it’s important that we really look after our minds, because if not they can become our enemies. Whatever disorder you have or whatever you are going through, it can always get better. There is so much out there to help you, keep going, you’ve got this🥰

Anyway, that’s enough for one day! Thanks so much for reading, hope you enjoyed today’s blog. Sending positivity to you all….remember no matter how hard things might feel for you right now, I promise you it will get better, no storm lasts forever.❤️

Eating disorder survival guide- Recovery

Photograph of Chocolate Cupcake With Red Strawberry Toppings

Trigger warning- If anyone needs any advice on eating disorders, please feel free to contact me (please find my contact information in the contact part of this website).

Hey guys, I nearly didn’t pick up my laptop today….some things are tough right now. But then I remembered why I started this blog in the first place, to help people and to help myself and this week I have to keep going. It’s eating disorder awareness week this week and this is something massively close to my heart, it’s part of my battle scars. I was racking my brains for blog ideas relating to this, and honestly I have so many ideas, but here is one of them…my eating disorder (ED) survival guide for recovering.💜

1). Don’t be set back by ED thoughts- There’s often a misconception that because the thoughts are still there, you have failed. Absolutely not. These thoughts will probably consume you for a long time, but it’s how we act upon these thoughts. Don’t fear them and don’t feel set back by them, accept them but say no thank you. Always carry out the opposite action.

2). Take a break from social media- Whether you think social media affects you or not, subconsciously it does. Personally, I feel one of the key reasons for an increase in eating disorders these days is social media, especially Instagram. I find coming away from these platforms takes away pressure and anxiety. I am currently taking a break from social media, for many reasons. You can always come back to it when you’re ready again, look after yourself.

3). Try a fear food every week- In recovery, I find we can often become too comfortable with the place we are in. We take small steps to recovery instead of taking big leaps from the off. By trying a fear food every week, we are increasing exposure and always stepping out of our comfort zone. If we become too comfortable with recovery, we will take longer to overcome the bigger hurdles. Don’t wait till tomorrow to recover, start today, and eat that cake!

4). Ignorance- We have to be selfish in recovery and protect ourselves. We can never escape from triggers or others opinions, but we can ignore them. Karen next door might miss the buffet because she has to fit into a dress this weekend, but that doesn’t mean you have to. Stop comparing your life to others, they are not experiencing what you are, for them, not eating cake might be the best option for them, but for you eating the cake is the better option. Drown out the noise around you and concentrate on YOUR recovery.

5). Don’t compare your recovery journey to others- As good as it is to talk to others who are suffering, we have to remember each journey is different. You might take a year to recover whilst someone else may take 3 months….everyone is unique and different. These are your unique scars and no one else’s, take each day at your own pace and remember that no suffering is more superior or inferior than anyone else’s. You matter.

6). Don’t let recovery define you- This is a small part of you, but it doesn’t define you. Yes this is a big journey in your life but it doesn’t mean you can’t live a normal day to day life. Try to live as normal as possible, I always find this helps. Don’t lose your identity along the way, you are still the beautiful you!

7). Document your journey for yourself- I don’t mean document it to keep it as a memory or something you want to go and look back at, but certainly document how you feel at the time, keep a diary. I used to write throughout my recovery and from that sparked the idea for my blog site. So much beauty can come from a place of pain and I realized that writing helped me to heal and eventually, my stories became someone else’s survival guide. I also believe that as humans we tend to sugarcoat the past, we just remember the good bits, but it’s just as important to remember your darkest days too. On a day where things are tough, its important to look back and remember how far you’ve come. Be creative and find what helps you to heal.

8). Remember that you will get through this- The rain doesn’t last forever, I promise you. I still have random days, 2 years on, where I struggle, but I think about how far I’ve come. I love talking about my journey because I think it’s beautiful, I survived to tell you all and you will survive too. My journey made me strong and it made me the woman I am today, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Keep going, you’ve got this!

Thanks so much for reading guys, I could honestly write forever, but I thought 8 tips would be enough for one day. I just want you all to know that, whatever you’re going through right now, you might not think it, but there is a way out. Life is hard, that’s the honest truth, but it’s about grabbing those small moments of peace and happiness. There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy, hang on to those you love and let go of all the bad things because you never know what tomorrow will bring. Thanks again for reading. 💜

Dancing in the rain- a small message🌈

Life has its up and downs, we all know that…the ups are amazing and the downs aren’t so good. As humans on earth we are always finding out how to make the ups more frequent, and how to make the downs less painful.❤️

I’ve spent a lot of time over the years working out what helps me in my bad times. I’ve had therapy, tried meditation, changed my mindset and spent time learning about myself…but despite all that, I’ve learnt one simple thing….sometimes we have to just wait for the rain to pass.🌈

We are getting so much better in society at helping people, in fact, people don’t suffer half as much as they ever did before. But I’ve learnt over time that sometimes we can’t rush the process. If we stopped a rollercoaster from rolling down the track, it would never have enough momentum to move up.🎢

I’ve began to learn that as much as we can help ourselves, sometimes we just have to wait it out. As hard as it is to stand in the rain, it makes us braver, stronger and more patient. And next time the storm comes again, we will be more prepared. This time you will come with a sturdier umbrella and a better coat. And eventually….no matter how hard the downpour is, you will dance in the rain.💃🏻

I just want you to know that, sometimes it’s okay to not try. You don’t have to find the answer today, or even tomorrow. Sometimes with time, clarity and freedom will come. Learn to be patient and trust the process of life, you are exactly where you need to be right now, and one day, it will all make perfect sense❤️

This little message was something that came to mind when driving this week and I just thought I’d share it with you all. There’s times that I feel the downpour will never end….but eventually it does and it’s these small moments of calm that make life so beautiful. Keep strong, be patient and remember that, this too shall pass.🥰

Thanks so much for reading guys, your rainbow is coming soon💙

The meaning behind “LoveyourMYind” and my new logo❤️

Hey, guys! This is a long awaited blog…I mean it’s been a year since love your mind started out and I’ve only just got a fancy logo! With it being a year anniversary last week, I thought it was the perfect timing for me to explain what this blog means to me…so here we go🥰

So why did I choose the name “LoveyourMYind?”💙

Out of all of the mental health blog names I could have picked…this was actually the first one I came up with, and right away it felt perfect. So what does it mean?

I’m sharing MY journey with you all- This blog is all about me sharing MY journey to loving MY own mind…what obstacles I’ve faced along the way, what helps me to love my mind and what doesn’t.

But I’m helping you to love your mind too- By sharing my journey, I’m helping you on yours too. It’s all about learning to love yourself, through tips, advice and by simply reading a blog…you are doing something kind for yourself.

So this is where MY comes from. It’s for you as the reader and me as the writer. It helps me and it helps you. I want this website to be a personal place. A place for you to really connect with yourself.

My logo-💙

1). The Lotus flower– “Even when its roots are in the dirtiest waters, the Lotus produces the most beautiful flower”… darkest times found me my brightest light. Without my dark times, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Lotus’ present rebirth, a new chapter…and whatever happens, it always grows beautiful eventually. On love your mind, it’s all about growth, some of us just take longer than others but eventually…you will grow your petels🥰

2). The colour- I really wanted a baby pink logo, just because it looked so aesthetically pleasing but…I didn’t want stereotypes to come with this. This blog is for everyone, not just for females. This year I really hope to break the stigma surrounding men’s mental health…I just want to make sure it comes across perfectly. Baby blue is perfect for anyone and everyone, and it looks great!🦋

3). The simplicity– I kept it simple because I like simple. One day I hope to have this logo on more than just my website. I have big hopes and dreams for my website and who knows, you could see this logo on all sorts. It’s good to dream big!🥰

Also, big shoutout to my boyfriend for making me my logo! You’re the best💙

This weeks blog was short and simple, but I think it’s important that you understand my website. Thanks so much to every single one of you who continues to read my blogs, it’s means the world. Keep smiling, keep positive and keep shining!🥰