How to cope with our new lives…again

I love communicating with people around me and I love to talk to my readers about what they enjoy reading….and one thing that keeps popping up in conversations recently is people’s fears of leaving lockdown again….so in today’s blog I ask….how do we cope with our worlds changing all over again?

1). Take a step back– As excited as we all are to get back out there, we have to remember that this change is quite dramatic. We have gone from a million miles an hour lives to 0, so we can’t get back to it all straight away. As much as you don’t think it, getting back to life will be a hard adjustment for some of us and it’s something we should remember to take one step at a time. Get back to the gym and see a couple of friends this week, but don’t see them all at once. There is no rush to get back to our old lives so give yourself a break and take it one step at a time.

2). Say no- This leads on nicely from my previous point…remember you can still say no. Just because you haven’t seen anyone for a year it doesn’t mean you have to go out drinking 7 days a week now. We are still entitled to self care nights, a night in and a day off to be at home….people will understand. Look after yourself first and take each day as it comes.

3). Be open about how you feel- If you’re suffering from a new found social anxiety, don’t be afraid of it, most of us are feeling the exact same. Be open about how you feel because the chances are, your friends feel the same too. A problem shared is always a problem halved, don’t hide away!

4). Remember that your confidence will come back naturally– A lot of people are suffering low confidence levels right now, no matter how confident they were before. This is completely normal! But don’t worry too much, as soon as you’re back with those you love, socialising and finding your feet again, your spark and confidence will spring back. Let’s just take each day as it comes for now!❤️

5). Think about how far you’ve come- I don’t know about you, but I’ve dealt with some huge demons in lockdown and I’ve learnt a lot about myself. I can’t believe how much I’ve grown as a person. Whether lockdown has been good or bad for you, we’ve all survived and that’s a massive deal. This may have been the hardest time in our lives….so look at how far you’ve come and look forward to the future ahead!🥰

6). Be extra kind to yourself– We’ve been through a LOT this past year or so, so be kind to yourself! When life gets busy we can often put others before ourselves, but don’t let that happen this time. Remember to look after YOU first, that’s so important. Love yourself a little extra and remember, NO YOU DIDNT HAVE TO LOSE WEIGHT IN LOCKDOWN, and YOU CERTAINLY DONT HAVE TO HAVE CHANGED THE WORLD. So what if you spent the last 8 months in your Pyjamas and put on weight? Most of us did. Don’t beat yourself up, you are perfect just the way you are❤️

7). Don’t overthink- As hard as it is to say that, try not to. Life is so short and as this past many months have shown us…tomorrow is not guaranteed, so laugh, love and remember who you are! Grab happiness as much as you can🙌🏻

8). Accept that it will feel weird- Maybe your relationship started in lockdown and all you’ve known is a lockdown relationship….it’s hard and it’s very different but don’t be afraid by change. The right partner will support you in this change and you will adapt to your new life/ relationship dynamic again. OR maybe your baby has only known lockdown…don’t worry, you will both adapt to it, day by day….it will all be okay again soon, I promise🥰

Thanks so much for reading guys. In the next few weeks I have some big blogs coming up so please look out for those. I will also be uploading more frequently and cannot wait to get creative! Sending blessings to you all. Happy bank holiday!❤️

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