An update after a break from writing…💛

Hey all! I’ve been quiet recently…I think we all need breaks from things in life, even the things that make us happy. I haven’t felt like writing recently, so I haven’t. That’s my approach to life. What works for you today might be different to what works for you tomorrow.

Anyway…I hope you’re all well. I’m currently sat with a glass of wine and chocolate watching a film, something I really needed today. I feel like writing so here I am.

I’ve had a tough few weeks, finding it hard to adjust back to “normal” life and struggling to take control of my thoughts. But something changed last week and to be honest, it really is working for me.

So what has helped me to “take back control of bad thoughts?”💜

1). A mindfulness journal- I decided that in order to take back control again, I’d buy a notebook and start a fresh week with written down goals and plans. But I came across a mindfulness journal, something I’ve never used before. It was £2.50 and is honestly one of the best discoveries I’ve made.

Mindfulness is learning to be present in the moment and being aware of yourself and everything around you❤️

At the beginning of the journal you fill out 4 things-

What makes me happy?

-Goals I’d like to achieve this year

-What does success look like to me?

-New things I’d like to try

Then everyday, you fill out 4 reflections.

What worked for me today?

What didn’t work for me today?

A moments reflection

What can I try and improve on for tomorrow?

Yes, it’s only 4 questions and a few minutes, but it’s changed so much! It gives me 5 minutes everyday to notice what I’ve achieved in the day and gives me a goal for tomorrow. Everyday I started to notice I’d had less bad thoughts and had gained so much more control. A week on and I’m more in control than ever…just from 5 minutes reflection a day!🥰

Available at Wilkos❤️

What else did I realise?🤍

The thoughts we have in our mind are often our insecurities or in my case OCD, therefore they’re not real. We forget that the thoughts we have…we don’t actually have to listen to. Rather than thinking the thoughts are yours, listen, address them and either choose to listen or ignore them.

My new approach which is taught in CBT (therapy). A thought appears…listen….ask yourself, do I want to listen to this or will it cause me unnecessary anxiety and worry? Don’t listen. Move on. The majority of bad thoughts don’t mean a thing.🖤

Another realisation❣️

We could lose everything tomorrow, so don’t let your demons take it away today!

You deserve to be happy, don’t listen to your fears or bad thoughts. Enjoy your life today and don’t worry about tomorrow.💜

Thanks for reading, and if you’re ever having a bad day please read one of my previous blogs, whichever suits you. Keep smiling and keep happy. Keep your worrying at bay. Happy Sunday you lovely people!🥰

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