My first year as a blogger🙌🏻💡🌟💓

Merry Christmas everyone! It’s 3 days till Christmas…how exciting❤️. To celebrate this festive period, I thought I’d review my first year as a blogger! Now technically, I started this blog in February/March time so it hasn’t been a full year yet, however, its nearly the end of the year so its perfect timing.

First of all I just want to thank every single person who has read a blog, liked a blog, followed my blog or even spoke to me about it. Your support means the world to me and without you guys, my plans for this blog wouldn’t be possible🥰. Since starting in March, my website has had almost, 2,500 views and has reached 20 countries across the world. I hope that with more views and more connections, I can expand my website further and open new doors and opportunities for not only me, but you guys too.

So what’s my experience been like?🌟

It’s been amazing! I have loved every second of it, writing, creating new ideas and sharing my stories with the world. It’s a great feeling to know these blogs really do work for some people, but its also great for me too. On some of my darkest days this year, opening up my laptop and writing for you guys has been so cathartic. It’s amazing how just sharing a story can open up so many conversations. I have never written a blog for sympathy, I do it to let people know….you are not alone. No story is the same but if someone can find relevance in my experiences, it can really bring some comfort.❤️

However, there was a period of time this year that I had a break away from my laptop. It felt like a dark time and I didn’t want to write about positivity when I didn’t feel it myself. That’s the thing with bloggers and vloggers, there is sometimes a pressure to write every week, film every week, be there for your subscribers. But this blog is all about wellbeing and I never intend to put this pressure on myself. No good writing is writing that has been forced. Leading onto another thing….

My blogs often take 10 minutes😮

It seems that when anything in life is spontaneous, a lightbulb moment or completely natural, its a better outcome than when its planned💡. The majority of my blogs are written during a workout, after a walk or in the bath. It is always just a small spark of inspiration that inspires me to write. In fact, one of my favourite blogs was previously a voice recording. I just walked round the house one morning preaching to my phone and next minute it was transcribed for you guys! That’s what I’ve learnt about life this year, don’t plan too much, don’t worry about the future, just roll with the here and now.☀️

So what advice would I give a first time blogger?

JUST DO IT! One of the lovely things about this blog, is that I’ve had a few messages off people who also now want to set up their own blog. And that’s means everything to me. You don’t need to be any kind of person, apart from yourself. My most popular blogs are ones which involve my own stories, humans like other humans. Just be yourself and everyone will love you. Be confident and show the world who you are. Also, It doesn’t matter if you only get one view (trust me I don’t always get many views) it for you, no one else.❤️

And finally. Don’t put any pressure on yourself, it’s supposed to be fun!😅🥰

So what are next years plans?

I plan on trying new things for you guys. Trying the latest “mental health trends”. Finding out what might work and what might not. I’m also planning on starting some collabs and expanding my website further. And also remember I will be doing a giveaway at the beginning of the new year!🙌🏻🥰

Thanks so much for everything this year, all of you. And thank you to my boyfriend who gave me the confidence to start this blog in the first place. You inspire me to be a better person everyday🥰

Have an amazing Christmas guys!🎄❤️

2 thoughts on “My first year as a blogger🙌🏻💡🌟💓

  1. Hey, I’m enjoying your blog so far! Just a heads up, when I received a notification from you, it links back to your old URL (I think) which is a dead end page. You can fix that by going to your profile and editing the Web Address. Hope that helps!


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