Surviving this period of isolation

As a society we are currently facing an epidemic, it’s all anyone can talk about and the current situation is only going to get worse. It’s a scary time for anyone right now but what really worries me is those suffering with mental illness.

Anxiety is a disorder that can usually be controlled but in this time of uncertainty, panic will be at its worst.

For those with OCD, this is their worst case scenario. The world is in panic about germs and compulsions will be in overdrive.

In a situation like this we have to accept that we have no control however, what we can do is make the most of our time in this Isolation period that we might soon have to face…..So I have devised a few tips to keep you busy and happy over the next upcoming weeks!

Tip 1- Write a list (as soon as you’ve read this blog)

What things do you like doing indoors and what have you always wanted to do? Stick it on your wall and see what you fancy each day. This might be a pamper/movie day, a home workout (set some goals to get fit at home), reorganise your wardrobe (because who doesn’t love feeling organised?), do some yoga or meditation or even start an online course. Make these weeks useful for you and your self improvement!

Also make a list of the films/programmes you were waiting to binge on Netflix (You have all the time in the world now!)

Tip 2- Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a practice used to make you fully aware of your body, creating consciousness of you as a being. By making yourself fully aware of your body and how it feels, it helps you to take back control, especially when in a state of stress or panic. There are plenty of videos on YouTube that will explain and teach you about the practice. Go have a look and thank me later!

Tip 3- Make your house a home

It’s important than when spending time in the same four walls that its a place you really want to be. Make your bedroom a haven of peace. Light some candles, buy some fresh flowers, put up some fairy lights, frame your favourite quote and make sure it’s TIDY! By doing this you will find time there so much easier, making it as relaxing and peaceful as possible.

Tip 4- Ring/facetime people

Technology makes it so easy now that in Isolation its so easy to speak to people. In times like this we all need each other to take our minds off it so ring your friends and family. That friend you’ve been too busy for? Ring them. That friend you’ve not seen for years? Ring them. Catch up on all the times you’ve been too busy. Talking makes everything better!

Tip 5- Don’t think about the long run

Right now when everything is so uncertain and rapidly changing, it’s important that you don’t panic about the future (as hard as it is). We have to take each day as it comes and not worry about things we cannot predict. Worrying about how long this epidemic will be will only make things harder. We only have today to think about so lets make every new day a good one!

I hope you enjoyed these first 5 tips, I will be back with more in the next couple of days. For now, look after yourself, be positive, be happy and keep smiling!

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